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Above Picture Is Me On Habbo!

Habbo Name:sk8rgirl4eva is a website for kids 13 and up. It is very fun, and i have been on it for 2 years and it still hasnt got boring.

About: If any of you have been on club penguin, its like that exceptyou can make more
than one house and you have to buy the coins you dont play games for coins.You can guve people furniture though...ITS FUN TRY IT!!

The Games:Like I Said for playing these games (wobble squabble,battle ball,diving) you dont get coins they are just for fun but you can play falling furni,cozzie change,fridge game,and other cool games for furni sometimes people dont give prizes but alot of times they do!!

The Good Thing About This Website Is That If Someone Trys To Say a Bad Word It Will Say Bobba.. LOL. But alot of times people put dots between leters and it doesnt say Bobba,sorry for that i wish i could fix it,but im not a habbo staff member!

Habbo Club Is When You Pay 25 Coins To Get Special Clothing Items And Special Dances,also
you get 1 rare every month!

From Now Below Its Gonna Have All The Habbo Updates and Stuff Also If You Would Put Your Email In This Forum I Will Send You The Page Where You Can Log In Because I Get 3 Coins Everytime Someone I Know Joins Soo Leave It For Me!

Habbo Marathon Begins!! Feb 2

Everyone get ready for a HUGE event.This is how it works,you have to go to habbo click the link to habbo marathon,then you typ your habbo name and the emal you use for your habbo name every day for 60 days then if you do that for 60 days and they will give you 100 coins and 3 rares!! AMAZING ISNT IT!!

In the crazy hustle and bustle of the Habbo world, don’t you sometimes wish you could get away from prying eyes and have a private moment with that special someone? Well, now you can with the brand-new, extremely rare Pink Shutter! It works great for keeping those hidden times hidden and letting the light of day shine when it needs to. But hurry up and get yours now, because Big Brother is only let us get away with selling these for a limited time, before he demands to be able to more closely monitor all Habbo activity! You don’t want to be stuck under that penetrating glare, so make sure you protect yourself and that special someone by picking one up today!

Big Game XLI is finally here, and you know what means, Habbos – some of the biggest and best parties of the year! And we want you to make sure that the parties this year are befitting a sports spectacular involving lots of Roman Numerals, so we’re holding a Big Game Party Competition featuring fabulous prizes!

Here’s how it works: design a room befitting your favorite glorious combatants, hold the biggest bash of the year dedicated to your favorite football team on our Habbo Tailgating Floor, take a screenshot when the party , and e-mail it to But make sure that the file is no bigger than 2 MB, or we’ll throw the flag and you’ll be disqualified! Then, we’ll pick one winner dedicated to each of the competitors in this year’s game, Chicago and Indianapolis, and they’ll receive plenty of football-appropriate Furni: 4 Petal Patches, 2 Team Benches, 1 personalized Trophy from the Staff, and 2 scoreboards!
And don’t worry if your favorite team didn’t make it to the Big Game this year – we’ll also be selecting 8 runners-up to receive 2 Team Benches and 2 Scoreboards! And those parties and rooms can be dedicated to ANY team! That way, when your team makes the final cut next year, you’ll be ready to design an awesome football-related room for them to help cheer them to victory!

The hits (as in tackles) just keep on coming, though, because Staff will also be in this weekend to see how the parties are going! So make sure you get yours filled to the max so that we’re sure to spot it at the top of the list when we come by. Happy tailgating!


Around the world hundreds of events are taking place to show support for the growing importance of Internet safety and Habbo is no exception. We’ll be sport’n our hard hats all day not to forget that today we’re also kicking off Habbo’s own month long gala of Internet Safety festivities. Be sure to check out What’s New for the weekly scoop. You can visit the Safer Internet Day site for more info on how to get involved with today’s worldwide activities or visit NetAlert. Also, invite your parents to learn all about Online Safety (and score a Safety badge for your Habbo) with our Parent Safety Manual. Click here for more.

Want to learn more about Online Safety? Take a course at Habbo's POP Culture College! If you've already studied up on safety, put your knowledge (and creativity) to the test and enter one of our safety competitions.

To Sign Into The Marathon Go To The Main Lobby Today


The delicious Candy Furni is back!

It’s the perfect time of year to indulge in all the confectionaries you want, and we’re here to satiate your decadent urges with newly re-released and expanded Candy Furni line! All things pink are in this season, and the Candy Furni is nothing but pink for the princess in all of us. And if you don’t want to be a princess, Candy is sure to attract you one. Of course, though, the sleek lines and understated hues are perfectly pleasing on their own. Candy Furni conveys a sophisticated air of self-confidence and vivaciousness, not to mention a strong undercurrent of romance and springtime rejuvenation. But get a hold of some of this decadent line while you still can; like sweet, milky chocolate it will melt in your mouth before you know it and be gone…

The Crazy Good™ Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries are back and they are heading to Hollywood! All of the flavors including, Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, S’mores and Brown Sugar Cinnamon are trying to make it big in Hollywood, and the Crazy Good™ Photo Crew is trying to find them. BUT we’re hoping to find the Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries first and we need your help!

Each of the flavors has designed a room to hide in on the Crazy Good™ Pop-Tarts™ Hollywood Studios floor. Check in to the hotel, head over to the Pop-Tarts™ Crazy Good™ Hollywood Studios Floor and let us know which room each of the Pop-Tarts® flavors are hiding in. Check out the Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries flavors’ bios so you can study up on their personal decorating styles For informing us where each of the flavors is hiding, you could be selected to receive one of 20 RARE DJ DECKS! You must be at least 13 years of age and be registered on Habbo to receive a prize.
Start searching Habbos, there isn’t a minute to be spared!

Wanna spread the word on safety and win some cool prizes in the process? Here's your chance! During the month of February there will be THREE awesome competitions for you to enter all having to do with the "S" word (Safety, of course). Here are all the details for Compeititon #1!

Competition Name: It Makes Us Wanna La La
Competition Dates: February 6 - February 11

In the Habbo kitchen and the floor. In fact, everywhere in Habbo you can do your best to make us ‘La La’ when you send in your Safety Wav or MP3 file to You have 60 seconds to make us ‘la la’ in the office at Habbo US – no more than 60 seconds. So you better make that 60 seconds ROCK OUR WORLDS. We’ll choose and post the top 5 tunes on the site and US Habbos will vote on which 3 tunes pwn.

FIRST, read the roolz for the Safety Song Comp

Make a song (doh!)
Send it (oh no, she didn’t)
It must be in WAV or MP3 format
It must be no longer than 1 minute (this is a sample of your entire tune, so choose the best minute of your tune)
Send it to by February 11.
Type [SAFETY TUNE] in the subject line, include your US Habbo name.
It must be your own music
You can sing it, play it, performance art it, whatever you want to do. We’ll distribute it for download to fansites and Habbos near and far, so do your best. If your song makes it to the top five, you'll win 3 months of HC and if your song makes it to one of the top three slots after the Habbos have voted, we'll also throw in a DJ Turntable and lots of sweet Habbo fame! Good luck!


Get Onboard For Safety Month
Get a limited edition Safety Badge when you have your parents check out the Habbo Online Safety Guide.

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