My family & friends
A Chinese girl's warm home

Welcome to my warm home

Hello! I am a Chinese girl, living in yulin, 18 this year, read high school sophomore, like making various friends, here show my life environment and nearby of friend。
My Region

Shaanxi is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation, China's history the longest brilliant provinces.


Shaanxi has many tourist resort. Here is hua mountain

Here is the hukou waterfall

Located in the north of shaanxi province in yulin city, is the national famous historical and cultural city. Energy mineral resources, enrichment known as China's "Kuwait". Have one of the seven wonders of the world in shenfu-dongsheng coal field in China, has proven coal gas onshore the biggest ready. This to my hometown has brought great economic income.

In yulin city, there are many tourist attractions, zhenbei tower is one of them.

Here is the shenmu mountain .

This picture is at my friend's house

Dangdang ~ this is me, as in a school dormitory

This picture is in the home
My Family

This is my home floor
My Friends

This is my favourite of woman

This is my good friend

This is my good friend

Dormitory friends

Dormitory friends
My School

Oh oh ~ this is my school

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