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Joanna Noelle Levesque
Her Basic Profile

Birth Name: Joanna Noelle Leveque
Born: December 20th, 1990 (16)
Nickname(s): Jo Jo
Birth Place: Foxboro, Massachussets
Hair Color: Brown Long
Eye Color: Brown Big
Hometown: Foxboro, Massachussets
Currently Lives in: California or New Jersey (probably California)
Genres: Pop/R&B
Occupation(s): Record producer, singer songwriter, actress
Years Active: 2004-Present
Labels: Blackground, Universal
Parent(s): Mom: Diana Dad: ???
Parent Info: Mom:Is trained in musical theater
and attended the Music and Drama Company in Londonderry,
New Hampshire. Also played "Sarah Brown" in the play "Guys and Dolls"
in 1996. I geuss we know where Jojo
gets her talent from!! Jojo's Dad is currently living in New Jersey.
Sibs: None
Pet(s): One dog; Sugarpie
Celeb Crush: Lil' Bow Wow

Notable Appearences:

1996: At age 7, Jojo apeared on the new version of
"Kids Say The Darnest Things" Hosted by "The Cosby's Show's" main star,
Bill Cosby. Jojo and Bill joked back and forth, and she
showed him how she could bend her finger back, and she even showcased her chops for the first time on television by singing "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. Bill, the studio audiunce, and those at home watching were very impressed with her such fantastic local ablity.

1999- At age 10 she performed on the talent show, "Destination Stardom". She sang Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and beat out her competion and made it out to the next round. The next round she sang another Aretha Franklin favorite "Respect".

2001: Performed at the 2001's Mcdonald's Gospelfest and brought down the house fantasticly.

2003- At age 12, Jojo appeared on "America's Most Talented Kid". She performed another Aretha Franklin favorite called "Evil Gal Blues" and was point short from making out to the next round. She was going to be called back for the wild card edition of the show for a second chance, but was approached by a representitive from Blackground Records when she got signed. This left her ineligible to perform on "America's Most Talented Kid" but left her with her big break.

2004- Appeared on the new "Soul Train" and Nickelodeon's "U pick Live" Performed her debut single "Leave(Get Out) on both shows interweiwed as well.

Also appeared on notorious shows such as, The Ronny O'Donnel Show, Oprah, and Maury as a child.

Jojo's Favorites

Color: Pink & Green
Food: Bing n' Tasty with fries an coke and apple pie
Store(s): Express
Favorite Clothing Line(S): Abercrombie, Baby Phat, Rocawear, and Ecko Red
I'll update more when I find some!!


Too little too late
How to Touch a Girl
not that kinda girl
Baby Its you
Leave (Get Out)




T.V Shows

The Bernie Mac show
America's most Talented Kid
Kids say the Darnest things

My favorite Songs

Too little Too Late




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!!Jojo Timeline!!

Jojo @ 6

Jojo @ 7

Jojo @ 8

Jojo @ 10

Jojo @ 10

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