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Me, Régine, very often on the forum

Hello everybody. Most of you have read my messages on the forums
I'm Régine, Scorpio, from France.
My photo has been taken 12 years ago
I've not changed much, I wear rock and gothic clothes.

now more information about me.

I was born on november 19th 1966, in Toulon, south easter French coast on the mediterranean sea.
Toulon is also a Navy base, with an arsenal where my father, grand father and grand uncle used to work as civils.

I was mainly raised by my dad, my grandparents and godmother. My mother overworked as a clerk of notary.When I was very very young, I had athma and allergies for many things. It's dad who took care of me. Four years after I was far better.We used to live in La Seyne Sur Mer, near Toulon. All my familly is French, with some Corsican and italian origins by my grandfathers.On wednesdays I watched with my grandfather (father of my mother) Goldorak, Albator, captain Flam.And even if I was a girl,I used to watch rugger, soccer. (and I still). My grandmother (mother of my mother)liked "the invaders".

At school I was excellent at French, at languages good at geography and history, physics chemestry,in design as well, but I never understood mathematics. I remember, even in high school (lycée) I had problems with maths, but one day a girl was sent at the board, she did not understand anything while, normally, she was rather good. Suddenly, I found the solution. I told it to the teacher and then he said to the girl "she has understood, and not you !!!". All the classroom laughed. I was in a private school. I liked to go to the chapel there because the priest organized many activities he played guitar, and talked about problems of society.
In my life I had made studies, after, at higher school (economy for management, languages, computerizing.) I obtained the diploma of Direction Assistant.
Then I became a teacher, and my last job was the Army, as a civil administrative assistant. I had problems with my hierarchy, and now I'm at home.

My father was admirable, he made himself the house we live now in the Alpes.
But he shouts everytime ! His father was lieutenant in the colonial army, and after he was a tax collector.
Then, dad was born. As my grandfather was excellent as an accountant, it was his job during the first world
war. I don't know what he did, but he obtained THREE MEDALS during his colonial times.

My godmother, like my grandmother (mother of my mother)were from Lorraine. My godmother was, like my mother, a clerck of notary.

My hobbies: listening to music (metal : Alice Cooper, Tarja, Avril Lavigne, Orianthi, Metallica, Iron Maiden, the Pretty
Reckless. pop/rock : Madonna, Vanessa Paradis (French female singer), Mylène Farmer (French female singer), Tina Turner, poor Donna Summer,Elton John that I saw in concert in Marseille in 1986. I also have the albums of Susan Boyle. And I like very much Conchita Wurst.

Writing texts, poesy, painting, drawing (mangas), creating melodies and playing the electric guitar. I have my own way to play it. I'm rather good. I had learned as well drums and keyboards. I create choregraphy (style Janet Jackson) I take care of my doggess and cat. I'm also yellow karate belt but I had surgery at the backbone and i cannot play with my legs,but I can with my arms and hands. I can walk.

I also like creating choregraphy and writing songs and singing as an amator.

What I like to eat : pasta, fish, black pudding with puree, paëlla, chicken, fries,chocolate cakes, many other desserts, fruit juice (overall orange and pineapple).
It's my mother who cooks, but we buy much frozen food.

My grandmother (mother of my dad) was a excellent amator pianist. She

for a great company in Paris. She obtained her driving licence as well. My other grandmother managed a dairy products shop.

I have an English female friend. I love England. I've been twice there. London is the most beautifull town with Paris.




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