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Hi!!! My name is Michaela. I come from South Africa. I'm 12 years old. My mom is a singer and my dads a Producer. My moms name is Amanda and my dads name is Harold. I've got one brother but he stays in P.E. Long story!! I go to Fish Hoek Primary School, F.H.P.S. I've got two friends. The ones name is Lauren and the other ones name is Haylee. Lauren is my BESTEST BESTEST friend and Haylee is my BEST friend. I LOVE music!! It's the best! I like beyonce! I think Justin Timberlake sings like a girl!! I like all sorts of jazz music. I like all sorts of music!! Whenever you feel like chatting to me, E-mail me:!! Talk 2 u there!!

Here's a picture of me and my brother. Oh, my brothers name is Michal.

I love Orlando Bloom!! He's SO HOT!! Dosn't he look so cute in this picture?!?

I also love Jhonny Depp, especially in this picture!!

WOW!! Linkin Park really outdone themselves with this picture!! To bad they broke up!

Our school is much different than all the other schools from different countries.
I'm in grade 5. My teachers name is Mrs.Beagley. If you live in a different country and your doing a project at your school about South Africa then you can ask me!! I'm full of info!
Cape Town is so beautiful, but someone dumped something in the sea. Now the sea is brown. But this is how the sea looks like when theres no waist in it.

This weekend I'm going ice-skating with Lauren. I'll get a picture so you can see how our ice-skating ring looks like. It's pretty much the same.
Well I'm actually here to talk to you about Out-Cast. Their music is so cool!! I love all their songs!! I usally Download their music on You should go there!! They have all the songs!! No matter if it's the latest song ever!!

Yo! Snoop doggy dog is also really cool!! You know this is the first picture I ever saw him not smoking!! He's like the coolest gangster ever! 5O Cents dosn't even come near Snoop Dog!!
You know, my grandfather looked just like Snoop Dog. And he danced just like Snoop Dog!! So cool! But my Grandfather passed away, so it's really sad!

Yo! What's up? I'm a BIG fan of the BO$$ Snoop Dog! He's So cool!! But I also like courage the cowardly dog!! Dosn't he look cute in this picture? Oh he is so sweet, I wish I had a puppy like him!

I would LOVE to meet Hanna Montana!! Like my best friend, we both like her!! She so cool, and her music, well I mostly like her TV programs. She does have a nice voice!

Sweet life of Zack and Cody!! WOO HOO!! So cool!! Their so cool, I don't know all the info about the but I still LOVE both of them, when I'm older I WILL marry both of them!! Don't they look so cool in this picture? I mean com on!! Their like two angels!!

Oh ya, And did I mention that also LOVE Ciara, she's cool and she knows how TO GET IT ON!!

Oh, Jhony Depp, I never knew you smoked!! You look a bit stoned there, are you sure thats just a cigerratte? Cause to me it looks like weed!

Back to Snoop Dogg the BIG BO$$! He's so cool! I love him. If only I was as old as he was! There would so be a conection!! I might seem like a cute little girl but sometimes I can get really mad, crazy and freaky! Like Snoop Dogg!

Can Snoop Dogg ever stop smoking? Nope! Sometimes I think that Snoop Dogg is weed! Look at his hair! You need a makeover!

Name: Snoop Dogg
Birth Name: Cordozar Broadus
Height: 6' 3"
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: October 20, 1972
Place of Birth: Long Beach, California, USA
Occupation: actor, rapper
They left out that Snoop Dogg is a smoker! Yoh! He looks angry in this picture! It was probably because he found out that I was a bit younger than him! He's Dr Evil!! Tha BIG BO$$! I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

I bet all of you don't know about this movie.
Well you see, Snoop Dogg played in this movie called Bones. It was really gross and sick so I'm rather not gonna tell you about it. But this is the cover of the movie! Freaky!!

Oh this is also a picture of when Snoop Dogg played in Bones!! I love Snoop Dogg.

This is when Lauren and I went ice skating. It was SO FUN!!

This is Lauren and I when I tried to pick her up. HA HA! It was SO funny, my knees began to wobble!!

I'm this faerie when I hear love, when I feel love!!

Look at all my cool pictures I found!!

Bloom and sparkle!!

this is my horse!!

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