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When Someone Dies

When someone dies it's hard to take in. Either if it's unexpected or eve when you knw it's coming. It hurt's inside. If it's someone in your family or someone your dating or someone you don't even know. Sometimes people let it all out at once. Sometimes it takes time to let it out. Sometimes people express things in other way's (for example) in a book in a movie in a letter in clothes in all diffrent ways. Everyone goes in diffrent way's. But when the time comes you just have time to let it all out.

This is me and my mom last year we lost someone in our family. It was our nannal. W really cared about her. And the she died. It was hard to take in at the time. Because we didn't even get to see her before she died. Then a few years back i lost my grandma. She had 5 kids and it was very hard to for them. She was very special to us. And i remember wanting to go to the funeral but they had said i was to young to go. I was so mad. But now i understand why they didn't let me go. Now that im 11 i understand the meaning of death better then I use to. ps. this picture was taken a year or 2 ago.

This picture was taken at my music recidal. When i got up stage I didn't think about the bad. I thought about the good. Sometimes people think about how they wish that the people who died were there. But when you think about that it tends to mess you up. You should just know that the people who died are watching over you being proud of you. And you should just be happy about the people who are there.

This picture is of my grammy. Just a few days ago she lost someone very special to her. She lost him in helicopter crash. She is not the only one . His family and the abc 15 news. But the thing that most people do is think that it's not fair that they died. But everyone dies at there time.

When you feel down just lay down and dream...

When someone dies sometimes you blame them. You feel alone. You get mad. And then you feel like you can't trust anyone. but you have to remember that there alays with you.

When someone dies you feel sad, maybe even mad and you feel alone you want to cry you want to yell but no one really know's what to do when someone dies not even me.
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Live your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

listen to music when you feel down. ( picture of my brother at my music recidal)

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