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Here are some stories I have wrote!

My Life!
In California!
I was in California when I got the sickness. My mom sent me to the far away hospital that took care of the sickness. I was there for eight months. Then on my birthday I came home with Aunt Holly. "The hospital said she was cured." Aunt Holly told my mom. We were as happy as could be!
Ten Years Later.
Mom said I gave her the sickness when I was 18 she was sent to that special hospital that cured me. She was there for 8 months ,too. When she came home she couldn't spread the sickness to me or Aunt Holly. We were so happy when she came home we went shopping for a whole entire day!
Baby Sister
Guess what? Dad came home! Dad's been away for a while for his buisness. A couple months after he came home Mom became pregnant. I can't believe I get another sister!
At the hospital
Mom just had her baby! Yay! I saw her precious face. Mom and Dad let me name her. I named her Violet. She giggled when I said her name.
Home forever
Violet was as happy as could be in her room I decorated for her. The walls were baby pink. I hope we can play tomorrow! Violet is going to be my cute and sweet baby sister!
See You Soon!
When Violet was 4 I was 22. I lived next door. "Sister, can you tell me about your life as you were growing up?" Violet asked me. "Yes."I answered. Violet sat down on my bed. I went over to my bookshelf and pulled out my old scrapbook and diary. I read my diary to her and showed her the pictures in my scrapbook. When I saw the smile on her face, I smiled a huge smile showing all of my white teeth. I was so happy I had Violet as a sister!

Read this selection and answer the questions that follow.

Bailey's Best Day
"Mom can I go over to Beth's house?" Bailey asked her mom. "Yes. Don't get home to late now!" Bailey called "Love you!" and she was out the door. RING,RING! Bailey answered her cellphone to find Beth's voice. "Hi Bailey. Are you coming over?" Beth questioned her best friend. " Yes. I am at your door right now." Ok I'll answer it now." Beth said. Beth ran down the soft carpet stairs and opened the heavy door. " Hi Beth." Bailey said. "Hey." Beth said back. "How are you doing Bailey?" Mrs. Simon asked. "Fine how are you?" Bailey answered. " Come and get a snack girls."
Mrs.Simon said. The two friends enjoyed a snack of warm cookies and cold milk.

Beth and Bailey went upstairs to play Barbies. Bailey picked Beth's Barbie that she named Teresa. Teresa is Bailey's favorite Barbie. Beth told Bailey that tonight is a special sleepover because tomorrow is her eleventh birthday. Bailey took out her cellphone and called her mom. "Hello?" Mom answered. "Hey, Mom Beth just said that today is her special sleepover for her birthday party. Her birthday is tomorrow. Can I spend the night?" Bailey explained to her mom. "Yes and I will bring over her gift and your clothes right now,ok?" Mom told Bailey. "Yes." Bailey said. "Good-Bye! Love you!" Mom said. Bailey told her mom that she loved her ,too. The two girls were so excited!
KNOCK,KNOCK! That was the sound that came from the front door. Beth's mom answered the door. "Hi Mrs.Simon."Beth's mom greeted Bailey's mom. " Hello." Bailey's mom greeted Beth's mom. Mrs.Simon handed Bailey her bag. Bailey was about to go back upstairs when her friend Julie knocked on the door. Beth ran down the stairs and greeted her friend and new guest. Beth told Bailey and Julie where to put the presents. Julie, Bailey , and Beth stayed in the living room and watched Hannah Montana. Another knock was heard and Beth's mom answered the door. "Hello Staphanie!" Beth's mom greeted her daughter's guest. Stephanie went into the living room and Beth told her where to put the presents and so on with the other guests.

Before they knew it, the digital clock read 12:00. Beth's mom said "Girls time to eat a midnight snack!" Beth and her guest went into the kitchen and ate warm chocolate chip cookies with cold milk. After their snack they went upstairs into Beth's room. They laid down their sleeping bags and laid down on them. They fell asleep at 1:03 a.m.

Dear Diary,
Monday 5-1-08
Dear Diary,
Guess what? Today I had to eat lunch with my teacher. Lauren my best friend was passing notes in class. Mrs. Evans saw me reading the notes and thought I was passing them. So now I have to eat with my teacher for one more day! I hate having to talk about math at lunch! So I am not going to speak to Mrs.Evans. She want care!
Kimmy Wells
P.S. Guess what? I just rode a lawnmower and I got to drive it!

Tuesday 1-2-08
Dear Diary,
Yes!!! I got the part of Sharpay in the play High School Musical Two! I am so happy! But guess what? I have to fall in an ice cold pool! I might as well be Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz! But on the good side I get to wear an extremely cute bathing suit!

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