My family & friends

I'm jessica,some people call me jess or jessiii [[anyone is fine]] i am a very random person. i love to party. dats just me. i am a model just like vanessa, jessiii*crackkk; yup dats me (: i hate when people talk stuff so if you gonna run your mouth den do it some where else, i hate when people act all full of dem selfs like when they think there all good, so if you like dat den get a life!! i aint an easy person to get along with so dont think were just gonna be friends da first day i talk to you! i ONLY talk/hang wit people who are fun so if you aint a fun person dont talk to me cause your just gonna waste my time, i am a really nice person once you get to know me. i am currently taken and loving it!!! (; NO i DONT give out my number or email so dont ask! i love my friends and family to death they mean so much to me! but if dey gonna stab me in da back den they lost my love. i dont rush love, i take my relationships slow (: NO i dont believe in love at first sight dont ask why....i just dont! YES i am spoiled by both parents and am not an only child! i love me the way i am god made me like this so either you like it or you dont [[i dont care]] (: i do believe in religon, im a christian and i love god with all my heart; and da people dat dont believe in god den dont add me and go to church so you can learn something!! >:p well........ im not a cheerleader and dont plan to become one but if they want me then hey why i go to skool no i aint gonna drop out because unlike some people i actually want an eductaion and a job; pshhhh i dont wanna be a hobo i want a life and a good carrer! i aint trippin off ma grades cause i got an c average or higher yes dont hate da player hate da game! i am in good shape because i actually get up and go do stuff i aint a couch patato! lol i dont wanna be fat and if your fat dont be offended just loose some wait! (: i love shoes and clothes there like my biggest obsession, i have 4 closets filled with shoes and clothes; 2 for my shoes and 2 for my clothes [[ yes there walk in closets]] i dont wanna brag cause like i said i dont like when people think there all good; im rich [[ya know it bruh]] and popular at da same time, dats just my life.....every other weekend i give money to chairty because i love to help people/kids; i also help old people! now dont think i am just gonna give money no i do it for a reason! (: my birthday is august 8 so when dat comes up you betta say "happy birthday" yes its the same day as vanessa and its awsome! jessiii*crackkk [[ya know it]] (: well imma come to an ending.......hmmm........uhhhhh......hmmmm......hmmm............ ok well dat pretty much sums it all if ya wanna know more about jessiii*crackkk get at me in the forum or guessbook! and comment my pics! (: thanks for reading............ ~love~ jessiii*crackkk
my best friends [[main]]

these our the main people!

the other main people!
me & my boyfriend!

me & vanessa aka ana!


i have the worlddsss cutestt nephieee
thanks for visiting more 2 cum later!

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