My family & friends
Taiwan the Formosa !! My country and my school life.

It has been five years since my last post here.
Now I'm 18 and will be graduated in three months.
Three years ago,I tried my best to enter the best high school in Taiwan.
This year I'm under great pressure again.
To enter the best college,I have to study really really hard.
Still,email me if you want to know more about me or my country.
I am proud of being a Taiwanese.
Taiwan IS a country for sure,not an area of China.

I decided to renew my blog. Because it's a little old , hahahaha..(?!) This is me and I'll be 13 this year. YEAAAHHHHH!!! Haha anyways,I have msn ( and Yahoo(annie830908) . I'd like to talk to you :)

My name is Annie Chang. My birthday is on September 8 .. My favorite color is blue. :) I live in Taipei , the capital of Taiwan.I like here very very much , and I REALLY want to visit other countries. You might heard about some bad news of Taiwan (about the goverment) , but not everyone in Taiwan looks like that lol.Hahaha..... Hey Ithink I'll try to introduce Taiwan , and my life , I'll try my best. ;)

This is me on left and Kelly on right . Kelly is one of my friends(I don't really have a BEST friend :p It's hard to looking for one in our school.) My school's whole name is Jian Kang Elementary School.(JKES) Jian Kang in chinese is "healthy". But many teachers in our school are sick ... kidding!

The biggest news for me is , I'LL BE GRADUATE THIS YEAR!!! Yeah , I'll be a junior student in September and that is COOL. So I'll show you some pics about my school life.If you do want to talk to me , email me :

Annie&Elaine and Kelly.

This photo is a little...weird.
But I like it , I like to take photos with my friends no matter it's good or bad.

Hey this is me and Elaine at the park . I mean an amusement park.
I went there with some of my foreign teachers , I'll post their photo later:)
There was really fun !!

There is Kristen , Rowan , Daniel , Joel , Nikky , Vicky , Annie and Elaine.
Really cool :)

This is a photo of my team . It's the camp I went to this winter .
I met the teachers ther and they are really cool.
Do you know where I am?
Oh right , the girl who had two peace in front lol

This is Taiwan , the Formosa . I love my country and I know Taiwan will be a good place to visit :) Talk to me if you want to know more about Taiwan!

This is 101,the tallest building in the world but not for too long:p My school to there is very close!! Many foreigners came to Taiwan to visit there , that would be a good experience;)

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