My family & friends
Mariah Nicole Harris
*~~It's All About Me~~*

I hope you enjoy my page!There are good pictures of my family and I.I hope you like them.And by the way my name is Mariah Harris!

The one & only HOT Mariah!Me at the pool looking good!

My mom and I are angels!

Me on the sink doing a cute pose!I know you like/love it!!!!I love taking pictures.
~About Me~

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite T.V shows: Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana
Favorite actresses: Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song
Favorite actors: Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Zac Efron
Best Friend: Samantha Keenan
Birth Date: Sep 28, 1997
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite singer: Cheetah Girls, Christina Aguilera
Favorite animal: Horses
Favorite food: Chinese, Japenese
Favorite hobby: Drawing, dancing
Favorite movies: White Chicks, Little Man, High School Musical
Favorite subject: Math
Phone number: 770-875-7533 Call Me!!!

Donnell and I at the aquarium!He's NICE!

I'm a shining diamond!It's true though.

My Mom and I also at the aquarium!She's the BEST!

My friends the Cheetah Girls!!!!!
The Cheetah Girls have a movie!But now they are making new one,Cheetah Girls2.It's going to be the best EVER!I'm getting it.

My mom and my cousin Aneisha!I love this picture!

I love going to my the pool where I can get good pictures of ME!I like the water.

My mom is so a guy's type!When I get older I might look like her.She's pretty!

Me holding my art supplies!I'm so in to art!!I love drawing.

My mom and her little sis Leslie!I havn't seen her in a while.

My cousin Kiyana and George on their way to their prom dance.Don't they look good!!!Ahhh!

Kiyana is looking so CUTE!!!I love her dress!

The BEST actors!Cole and Dylan Sprouse!

Another great actor of mine!I know him.Zac Efron!!!!!

Ashley Tisdale the pretty girl!!!WOW!

The one and only Vanessa Anne Hudgens!!!YEAH!

The best Miley Cyrus!She's Hannah Montana too!
I hope you enjoyed my page!!!Make one.It's fun.Did you add yourself to my guestbook?!Do!Did you like my pictures!Email me and tell me how much you like them!At least I like them.Did you see the actors and actresses pictures!I got them off should go!Have a nice day! BYE!

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