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This is me and my daddy and my new puppy molly! She is the best dog in the world. She is a rottweiler also. (im sorry if you cant see her that well, its because of my dads black shirt)

My name is Lauren. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Abby is my age 11. Brooke is 7. Savannah is 5. Jillian is 2. And Natalie is 9 months old. My other brothers are already grown up. Chuckie is 25. He has 3 kids. Darrean, Duncan, and Toby. My other brother Robert, is 27 years old. He just had a baby. His name is Peyton. He also lives with his wife Christina. The picture you see is me with the brown hair, then jacob, then megan. Enjoy my website! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at
From Lauren

This is Another picture of me holding molly (photo taken 6-30-06 taken by my mother) isn't she sooo cute! It looks like im kinda choking her but im not i would never choke my baby

Peice Out!

I'm a gaaangsta!

Lean wit it rock wit it

what am I looking at?

Here is cheyenne my next door neighbor and my babysitter. She is the best!

Here is Cheyenne and Ryan (another boy she babysitts)
Here are some pics of cheyenne!

Here is a picture with her glasses on! Thats my house in the backround

Here is a better picture of my puppy! She has gotten soo big! her nicknames are sweet pea, pumpkin, molly doodle. arent they cute!

Here is my daddy! to my daddy! Happy almost birthday daddy! On august 15th!

Here is my other dance picture! It was during competiton. I wasnt in this picture because I joined the next year. I love dancing there! Its soo much fun!

Here is my dance class from last year. I am in the back row to the left.

Here is my cheer camp at D.E.E.N.O.S its the best place ever!!!!!!! That was when I was five I am on the top at the right to the end! They also do Tumbling, and gymnastics

Here is one of my good friends Sarah! She is obbsesed with Zac Efron. On my buddy list her name says Sarah Efron!!!!!! I love him to but not as much as she dose!

Here is my gymnastics team! They are the best in the world!!!!

This is how many friends I can make! I can make wayyy more

Here is me in the front cheering at my schools football game! GO STANGS! GO MUSTANGS!

Here is me on the top at my cheerleading competition when i was five!

Thanks everyone sooo much for visiting my blog. I have 4 emails.,,, or You can also sometimes find me in the chatroom on this website! Lauren_rocks, Ms_cheerleader, or princess_lauren_2_u! please email me go to my forum or sign my guestbook. I also have 2 other blogs. They are in others. One is cute cartoons, and the other one is glitter that describes me!

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