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My Life of my Family and Friends 3

Hello!!! My best friends are Shital, Atom, Lindsey, Mark, and Rj!! If you can look if ya wanna, you can look at Shital's blog called Best Friends 2! yupzz! The Smartest in my class are Shital, myself, Lindsey, Alyssa, Cj, Will, Chris, Angela, Avery, and Harrison!! The prettiest are Myself, Shital, Lindsey, Alyssa, Angela, and Avery! The cutest are Atom, Mark, and Cj... LOL If any of you guys see this, hope ya like it!
I'll post some pictures of my friends and all... ^_^

Shital!!! YAY! My greatest friend ever

Atom!!! Luv ya

It's Mark! Don't worry, that's just water he poured on his head since it was soo hot on Field Day!


Oh, yeah, a wondaful pic of all a us! I am in between Atom and Shital!
About Me...
Name- Judy
Nick Names- Jc, Judo, Josaphine
Hair color- Black
Eye Color- Dark Brown
Skin Shade- Tan
How Old Am I- I’m 10 years Old
Race- Fully Filipino, half American, half, Chinese, and half Spanish
Favorite Colors- Black, Red, Dark Blue, and Dark Pink
Favorite Singers- Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Ciara, Rihanna, 50 Cent, Tupac, Gnarls Barkley, Yung Joc, Chamillioniare, D4L, 3 6 Mafia, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Kelly Clarkson, Cheyenne, DHT, Cascada, Alicia Keys, Akon, Ashley Parker Angel, The Veronicas, Avril Lavigne, Bubba Sparxxx, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lil Jon, Xzibit, The Game, The Beatles, Yanni, Teriyaki Boyz, Don Omar, Sean Paul, Daddy Yankee, and..that’s it! (a lot tho..)
Favorite Songs (I didn’t put them in order!)- Just Lose It, Crazy, Shake That, Leave Me Alone, 4Ever, Yesterday, Imagine, Jealous Guy, Here Comes The Sun, Tokyoy Drift, It’s Goin Down, Mr. Beautiful, Ridin, What You Know, U and Dat, Lonely, Listen To Your Heart, I Miss You, Nobody’s Home, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, Dance Dance, Wake Me UP When September Ends, Boulavard Of Broken Dreams, Jesus Of Suburbia, Holiday, When It All Falls Apart, Shut Up, Bebot, APL Song, Pump It, Ain’t No Other Man, Everytime We Touch, U Got It Bad, Ride Wit Me, Grilz, Changes, When I’m Gone, Without Me, Superman, The Real Slim Shady, When Thugz Cry, Brenda’s Got A Baby, The Best Of You, Just Want You To Know, Beep, and MORE!!!!
Favorite Food- Tacos, Pepperoni or Mushroom Pizza, Any Filipno Food, Any Chinese Food, God…I just could eat anything!
Zodiac Sign- Aquarius
When I Was Born- Feb. 13, 1996

Best friends- Shital, Atom, Mark, Lindsey, and Rj
Friends- Will, Avery, Cj, Alyssa, Hannah, Angela, Madison, Chris, and Ben
Relationship- I’m With Atom! Mahal Kita, Atom! That’s means I love you in Tagalog! A Filipino language
What Can I Speak- English, and Some Basayat, Tagalog, Spanish, and Chinese, oh, and Japanese
Hobbies- Playing Piano and recorder, Singing, Dancing, Photography, Movies, Comedy, Sketching, Drawing Manga, and Gymnastics!
Favorite Sports- Track, Biking, and Basketball, AND Dodgeball
What I want to Play for the Fifth Grade Band Next Year- Either the Saxophone, Trumpet, or Snare Drum

IDK what else I should talk about… Movin On Now!

My Favorite...
TV Shows- Pimp My Ride, Punk'd, Trick It Out, Cheyenne, High School Stories, Parental Control, Inuyasha, Family Guy, That's So Raven, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Hi Jinks,and... Yupzz
Websites to go on-,,, and (only because i talk to Shital and Jr and Alyssa on there!), and all Doll websites and graphics designs!
Food- Tacos, mac n Cheese, rice, any filipno food!!, fried chicken, and any Chinese food
More 2 Come l8ter...i'm tired of typing this !
If you wanna talk to me on aol messenger, my screenname is jjjtorger50

A Lexus Car!! Oooo

A Nissan 350Z!! I want to have this car when i get to drive!! It's so hottt!


A phrase to Atom! We close our eyes when we gdo these things..

I hope Atom could do these things...

LOL!!!! This is so funny, because mostly, every asian always takes off their shoes before they enter a house! ^_^

LOl! This smiley is Mark and Atom1 They do that! Seriously! LOL ^_^ You two guys are always cheering me up!!!
Class of 2005/2006 4PS Fourth Graders!
Judy Catherine Torrejos G.
Atom Vance B.
Shital P.
Mark L.
Lindsey P.
Richard (RJ) P.
Matthew (Matt) M.
Benjamin (Ben) D.
Hannah R.
Angela P.
Christopher (CJ) D.
Christopher (Chris) F.
Madison (Maddie) E.
Avery P.
William (Will) C.
Alyssa D.
Corey P.
Harrison M.
Victoria L.
Ryan R.
Amanda W.
Emily S.
Matthew (Matt) L.
Conor D.
Patrick S.
Isaac W.
Mrs. Petsch
It was a wonderful class! I'l always remember these ppl! Even when im in Heaven...

Class Yearbook!!! These People are not in order!
Prettiest-Judy, Shital, Lindsey, Alyssa, Avery, Hannah, and Angela
Cutest-Atom, Mark, and Cj
Hottest-Judy, Atom, Mark, Lindsey
Smartest-Judy, SHital, Lindsey, Atom, Mark (I had to!), Will, Dj, Rj, Alyssa, Angela, and Chris
Dumbest-Bethany, Isaac, Amanda, Corey,and Emily
Most Atheletic- Judy, Atom, Mark, Cj, Will, and Alyssa
Class Couples- Judy and Atom, Lindsey and Mark
Nicest-Judy, Shital, Atom, Mark, Lindsey, Alyssa, Hannah, Will, Matt M., Rj, Cj, Ben, and Avery
Meanest-Harrison, Isaac, bethany, and Angela
Funniest-Judy, Atom, Mark, Lindsey, Shital, Rj, Cj (sometimes), Alyssa, and Will
Best Singers-Judy, Lindsey, Alyssa, Avery, and Angela

Best Friends With Who??
Judy-Shital, Atom, Mark, Lindsey, Avery, Rj, and Will
Shital-Judy, Atom, Mark, Lindsey, Avery, and Rj
Atom-Judy, Shital, Mark, Lindsey, and Carlos
Mark-Atom, Judy, Lindsey, Shital, and Rj

What Will I Be In 15 Years
Married With An Asian Guy Probably either Korean, Filipino, or Japanese!!!
Occupation will be A Author
Having 2 Kids One Boy, and One Girl
Living in Tokyo/Japan or the Philippines
Always visiting my old friends!
I HOPE THIS MIGHT HAPPEN! Atom, I know you might wanna marry me, but, My Father wants me to marry an Asian guy! I do to0! I promise that I'll enjoy our relationship togethr! Let's be together until we Graduate High school...

One of the most popular filipinos, its the filipino respected wrestler, Manny Pacquaio! At least, i think that's how you spell his last name...

Morales and Pacquaio

Ok, if you can't read this it says...

A girl asked her love if he thought she was pretty,
He said…no.
She asked him
If he would want to be with her forever…
And he said no.
She had heard enough.
As she walked away, tears streaming down her face
The boy grabbed her arm and said…
You’re not pretty you’re beautiful.
I don’t want to be with you forever.
I NEED to be with you forever
And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away…
I’d Die…
By: Nichole

How to pronounce 4ps' names in Japanese

Ryan- Rianu
Matt M.- Matsutsu M.
Matt L. Matsutsu L.

How To Pronounce some of my Family's names in Japanese
Grandma Mely-Gurandema Meri
Grandpa Lucien-Gurandepa Rushienu
Grandma Luica-Gurandema Ruika
Grandpa Perre-Gurandepa Perure
Grandma Soling-Gurandema Soringu
Grandpa Ben-Gurandepa Benu
Jun Jun-Jun Junu

We're still together ! Non couples go the da bottom of the floor, LOL, and the hott couples stand!1 ^_^ Love ya!

Ayumi Hamasaki

Celebrity from Korea, Boa


One of my favorite Japanese Bands, Hysteric Blue!!!!! ^_

Another Korean Band, Jewelery

Korean Singer, Kim EZ

Lee Jung Hyun

I Told You Every Asian Is Beautiful and Pretty!!! Just Like Me, and my very Pretty cousins Chiara (19 Years old), and Charice (22 Years old)

4 NOW...

Look Out 4 My Upcoming Blog! The 5th addition to this SERIES

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