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Ok, you know all the information 'bout me on my first blog about myself, which is called 'My Life of My Family and Friends'. Hehe, simple, right?? Check there if you want to see my list of things i luv and... yeah!
Today, which is 6-14-06, my class, 4PS ( stands for fourth grade, Mrs. Simoes and Mrs. Petsch)went on a field trip to Slater Mill. It was fun. I was in Shital's group!! Mark was too, with Cj, Avery, Atom, Lindsey, Rj, and yeah, more ppl. In the attic of this landmark, it is haunted, which is why our class didn't go up there!!! I wanted to go in there! Well, anyways, it was reall fun and we had a great time! I took a lot of pics too!
Let me see if i could post some pics on this blog!! Let me see...hmm.....

Yay!! I could post this! This is Shital

Cool, this is Atom

Cute! It's Lindsey and Mark!! You could notice Atom's in the pic in the backround... LOL

Look it ! It's a group pic!! Left to right- Hannah ( has light brown hair and is at the end), Me ( pretty girl with long black hair), Avery (has long blonde hair), then, it's Shital ( she has long dark brown hair with dark skin)! Then, you notice the 2 bois sitting on the grass! That's Atom and Mark! They are usin their hands to say PEACE!

Now, the pics i am posting here are when we came back from the trip! It's Avery!! LOL, Will is in the back, smiling!! He broke his glasses, so he isn't wearing them so much this week...
Oh, just to tell ya, Will is very funny!! I will post pics of him being silly! My friend Rj is funny too!

LOL!! Rj is in the front, Will in the back!! They were pretending to be drunk!

HAHA!! Atom is licking the plate!! Will also wants too! Atom didn't let him tho! Atom and Mark are the funniest ever!

AHHHH!! Our class got to eat ice cream when we got back!! You wondering what's on Rj's grinning face? It's spit!! No, jokin! It's Melted vanilla ice cream!! LOL

once again, Rj puts some ice cream on his nose!

It's not silly, but anyways this is my friend, Cj

It's Atom again

Um,Will, you ok? Well, he was just pretending to be drunk again! I wonder if he grows up, and he'll actually look like this when he is really drunk... LOL


Hey, it's Atom again!! Wait, what's Willl doing in the background??!!

Shital and Avery doing silly faces!! ^_^

What is Will doing!? He's So wierd...

Close up on Mark
Now, heres an update! Pics of reg. days in school! only 3 more days at school for 4th grade! Tomarrow which is 6-16- 06 is Field Day! Funnest day in school ! We are spending all the 6 hours of school outside!! We are doing all these fun activities! Like water balloons, rely races, stuff like that!! Well, the pics that I am posting from today which is June 15, 06! Funny pics, well, at least some a them.. not much tho... ^_^

LOL! Atom is holding 2 popsicles and he was dancing! I guess he still had some pop in his mouth! U could tell something is in there... ???

haha... Shital smiles at her popsicle! If U are wonderin where all these pops are coming from, we got them at lunch! Right now, we are at lunch recess at the field...

Rj plays his recorder while it was in the case! We were going to Music class with Mr. Boday after recess... so , yeea

OMG!! This was soo funny when it happened! Rj got mad at the blue shirted kid, Patrick, and Rj kicked him in the balls with his leg!!!! =)

Atom says hi with a big wave! Mark looks at him in a wierd way, Patrick is still sitting on the picnic table in the back..

Hehe, I kept annoyin Mark, so, uhhmm, i took a pic of him givin me a mad face!! He always does that to Amanda tho... 4 my friends who know this 'Amanda', you know why he does that to her!! LOL

Mark covers his face with his sweater! He just wants to do it, well, because he likes to be funny!! =) ^_^
Well, you ppl who R looking at this will discover more when i post my pics I will take on Field Day at school! It's gonna be fun! Whole six hours of learning, turn into six hours staying outside playing fun games and activities!! YAY!1 that's all 4 now!

Hi ! Today is 6-16-06! Field Day !!! It was soo FUN! SOO fun! And whoever was know what I mean, YEAH! I'll post some pics now!

Avery, ehe, posing!

Avery jumping to the end of the race!! This rely race was so fun

Hey, it's Mark and Atom! Mark sweetly smiles his smile, and Atom, well, he drinks his water during the pic. It was funny tho

Atom looked disgusted when Patrick walked know what I mean!!

Shital smiles as I take a picture! Atom is the pesron in the back with all ORANGE on

Atom says peace as Atom, Shital, Rj, and I take a break from doing the limbo... That was fun too

In this pic, Mark took his water bottle and poured most of his water on his head!! his head is all wet!

Mark makes his new hair style! ha, his water is still on his head

OMG!! This was such a funny moment! this is a pic of my friends Matt L., Chirs, and Cj! Matt L. is the person who has on a gray shirt that says Sports for life, Chirs has on a yellow shirt, and Cj is, well, the boy who is last!

Just Matt L. and Cj! Oh, by the way, everyone got to have either their face, leg, or arm painted with face paint! Atom and I had ours on aor left arm and it said 2PAC!! Shital got a soccer ball on her face, Will got Eminem in cursive on his shoulder, Matt L. , Cj, and Chris all got mustaches and all that1 Their were more i knew that were kool, but, ya know, i'm gonna take too much space!
Oh, hi! Today is fathers day! yay! Also, when it was field day, after school, it was going to be Matt L's End of the school year party! It was a pool party! It was so fun! When my mom dropped Shital and I off at Matt L's house, we were looking for our friends, well, that were girls! At first, in the front of his house, all Shital and I could see were all our friends that were bois! There was Ben and Conor playing chess, Micheal playing basketball, and well,more bois! Then we went into the backyard where there was the huge pool and the food! We looked at the pool! We saw Will, Atom, and other boys! We waved at them and they waved back! Atom called Shital and I to come into the pool, but there was all boys in there! We turned around, and we saw my friend from our class, Madison! We talked for awhile, like, 5 min, then Atom came rushing toward us! He told us to come into the pool! So, Shital and I did! Madison didn't because she was still eating! So it was just Shital, Atom, Will, and I! We all jumped into the pool! We swam ans swam, then, Rj came to the pool, then, Ben, Cj, Chris, Alyssa, Max, Graze, and more of our friends arrived! Rj was swimming with us! Will came up to us and picked Shital up and threw her into the pool! We were still in the pool tho. Not like Will throwing Shital into the pool while we were on the deck! Anyways, then Will picked me and and threw me! He had done it to me like, 5 times! It was soo fun! Afterwards, we played Chicken! Rj went on top of Atom, and i forgot, but someone went on top of WIll... Then, at Matt's house, there is this thing, where you go into it, and you can jump around in it! You know what I am talkin about? Yeah, i guess so... And we all went in there! And when I say 'all', I mean Atom, Rj, Shital, and I! We were in there, jumping with these 7 year olds and 5 year olds, and we met this mean 7 or 6 year old! It was a girl!

Another catagory, These are just reg. dayz at school... It's Mark!! If U are wondering why there are no pics of Mark in this cat. , It was because he was absent

Mark playing with the garbage bags

Rj being silly and putting the whole role of garbage bags!! He's puttin it near his thang!!!! LOL

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