My family & friends
**All about me! Darian!!!!!!!!

Full name:Darian Jolie Hunters
My age:13 yrs old.In 2006 till july 14
From:St Louis,Missouri
Lives in:St Louis,Missouri
Siblings:3 Sisters,Javian 10 yrs old,Brian 5 yrs old,Arian 7 yrs old
Parents Name:Brittney and Andrew Hunters
Height:5 foot 2
fav food:Chicken and Gravy with Mash Potatos with Salad
fav music:R&B and Rap
Fav singer(girl):Missy Elliot and Shakira
Fav Rapper:Z-ro
Fav Singer(boy):Jaheim
Fav movie:Scary movie 4
Fav show:Wild and Out

My dog Sugar

my other dog Starbucks

Pics of Missouri

Dining room

Sitting room

backyard patio

Here is brian.on halloween night.

This is arian

A pic of our house

More pics of our house.thats our other dog Mika.

Mom and dads room

Arian and brian room

My room

Javians room

Our car

this is Javian a tomboy

This r our 3 baby cats.Mariah,James,and kayla.

This is our pool on has a heater so we can swim during the winter too.the reason my house is so big and cute because my mom and dad r Directors.

Our pool during the summer.

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**All about me! Darian!!!!!!!! (My family & friends)    -    Author : Darian - USA

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