My family & friends
My life as Oliver and James(Fred and George from Harry Potter)sister.

Today Oliver, James, mum, and I went to a dinner with J.k. Rowling, Daniel,Emma, and Tom.
They are working on The order of the pheonix. Personally I have never read it. James is younger by 13 minutes. When i met Katie Leung who plays Cho Chang in Harry Potter, we clicked shes 14 and so am i so we were like really close we swapped info, which by the u cant get security is tight and u have like a guest list u put up and only those people can e-mail,or i.m u so dont even try!!!!!!!!
I just met the queen,Will Smith, and went to the premiere of See No Evil. We arrived in Tokyo 4 days ago it took 14 hours from Britain and we made a stop because Ol, got a little air sick! Tommorrow we are going to New York to by a Gucci bag I have had my eye on! We are also grabbing some New York pizza! Hopefully it would be better than our last appearance. There were thousands of fans screaming, we were escorted by 9 big bouncers just so we could get into a Mcdonalds, which by the way taste better in America. well were getting ready to get on the jet. Asta la bye bye!
my mum just told me not to post pictures what does she know I am trying but she put a block on it! Yesterday went really well there were not that many people about 200 we could get out quick. Evey one was asking my brothers to marry them! EEEWWWWWWWW! I mean there 19 and there ugly! My parents only make good looking females, except my sister Galla, shes 7 and a pain. I have my oldest sister Dandra, my brothers Oliver and James, my other brother Vernon, and my little sister Galla!!!!!!
I just had a brawl with Alyson Stoner about Cole he and I went out as friends and he said he liked me and Alyson got the british tabloids involved. They just were not interested thankfully! Cole is cute and really nice but I am obsessed with Oliver James! Hes like my sisters age! Oh well I didnt take his offer, maybe another time him and Alyson are still on though but shes bloody cray!
I just met this kid who is just dreamy!!!! His name is Bric but he lives in Victoria Canada! He is on a show for little kids and s 15, which is cool because I am only 14 when i asked him out my brothers walked he was like your fred and george. Its so annoying to have your brother be a star never mind brothers!!!!!!!!! Anyway my new Gucci bag is hot and I am meeting Keira Knightley next Thursday!!!

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My life as Oliver and James(Fred and George from Harry Potter)sister. (My family & friends)    -    Author : Marnie - Great Britain

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