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This is Chelsea and Christina's Diary. It has all about us,our pets, our family, boy friends and our life in our mansion. Yea we are rich. We will write in it every day we can. Which we have so far. And at the end of this blog the is a ' we want advice colomn' and you can answere our problems by e-mailing us. The e-mail will be sent to me, Chelsea, because that is my e-mail address. Christina didn't want to give hers out. So read our blog and visit our Forum and Guest book please and Thank-you. ::Chelsea & Christina::
May 5, 2006

Christina went on a date today wit Kyle..... man is he hot. I'm going to dinner tomorrow wit my Boy friend Jake. ( I hope it goes well.) Chelsea
May 5, 2006

Today is my special date. Kyle said he is bringing me to a fancy restraunt. I have this beautiful dress!!! It is gold that goes all the way to my ankles. You also heard that Chelsea is going on a date tomarrow! I'll wish her luck but right now, my date is so gunna be an important one!!! :-) Christina

Full name: Chelsea Mariah Cuderson
Family: Mom, Michelle Dad, Micheal Sis, Christina
Pets: We both have border collies, Rose and Daisy
Age: 12 gonna be 13 soon
Birthplace: California
Birthday: 7/8/1993
Fav color: Red & Pink
Cars: NONE :'(
Talents: I can play the guitar
Hobby: Shopping wit friends
Future Job: Famouse guitar player


Full name: Christina Marie Cuderson
Family: Mom, Michelle Dad, Micheal Sis, Chelsea
Pets: 2 border collies, Rose and Daisy
Age: 13
Birthplace: California
Birthday: 1/2/1992
Fav Color: Pink & blue
Cars: NONE
Talents: I can run very fast
Hobby: Doing things wit Kyle
Furure Job: Popstar
May 6, 2006

Today I'm going on tht date wit Jake. I can't wait. You probably heard Christina went on a date last night. It went great for them. Hopefully It does for me too. We're going to the movies. I don't know wat we're going to see. I hope it's something scary!! But really I don't care. I really wanna go swim in our 48 foot long pool, right now!!! It's a sauna here!! Man!!! I have a book Report due this Friday. Yea me... NOT! Anyway I'm kinda playing fetch wit Rose.... But she really needs to work on the "bringing back" part. lol.
May 6, 2006

I'm here just telling Chelsea which outfit to wear to her date wit Jake, tonight. Other then tht Chelsea's dog Rose and my dog, Daisy are playing together. Oh... Yea...Last night on my date, Kyle bought me a necklace!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!Anyway...In California, It is so HOTTT!!! We have all of our fans powered up in here! And it's STILL hot!!!!!!!!!!Chelsea is playing in our 48" foot long pool. We're rich so...THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina
May 7, 2006

My date last night went great!!!! And I gotta kiss!!!!!!! LIPS!!!!!!! OMG!!!Listen I'm sooooooooooooooo happy!!! I cannot right anymore!!!! I'm in a day dream!!!!!
May 7, 2006

Well, It's Sunday so tomarrow is school. Also, I need advice. I'm crushing on this 13 year old guy named Drew even though I already have a boyfriend!!! I'm like...Cheating on him!!! What do I do!!! I'm going crazy because I like two guys at the same time!!! Please help me!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Full Name: Jake Adam Lorindasrie
Family: Mom, Laura Dad, John Lil bro, Chad
Pets: Golden Retriever, Flash
Age: 13
Birthplace: Ohio
Birthday: 4/6/1993
Fav color: Black
Talent: Can draw Very well
Future Job: actor

Full Name: Kyle Micheal Jacobson
Family: Mom, Linda Dad, Chris Bro, Stanly Sis, Misty
Pets: Dog, Rosco Snake, Poison
Age: 13
Birthplace: Florida
Birthday: 5/6/1992
Fav Color: Red
Talent: He can sing Country
Future Talent: Country Singer
May 8, 2006

Man today I have to go to school! Boring! I hope I don't have any homework! Christina and I have made a new song for the band. It's called: "A Dream" ...... think it's very good..... but that's my opinion. Anyway..... I g2g soon because I g2 ride to school wit Christina in our limo....... You weren't expecting me to ride the bus were you?? Oh... ok.... Good..... well I g2g...... bye ***Chelsea***
May 8, 2006

My boyfriend is going crazy!!! Mabye he drank beer or something. Anyway...I still didn't solve my problem from yesterday. I think I'll chose Kyle!!! He's my boyfriend so there is my solution!!! I feel much better!!!
May 9, 2006

Today is Tuesday. I got school. Anyway we're gonna get another dog. Christina n I thought about naming it, Sunshine, if it's a girl. Rover, if a boy.

@(*_*)@ ( A monkey) ***Chelsea***
May 9, 2006

I'm leaving today because my friend, Megan, died. I'm going to the funeral, but Chelsea have to work on some stuff. She works too much!!! Well, I'm packed so I gotta go. Bye!!! Christina
May 10, 2006

Sadly,:'( again, I have school today. Boring. I hope I don't have homework. )Like that ever happens) Anyway, Jake and I got into a fight yesterday. I wanted a puppy for my b-day, but he said I had 2 dogs already and don't need anymore. We haven't tlked since. I don't know if we ever will again. Chelsea @( *_* )@
May 10, 2006

Still in the hotel. I brought my labtop with me so that's why I can still type. Anyway...I have to sleep in a hotel with Kyle. (We have separate beds) We're having alot of FUN!!! I hope Chelsea is ok because I heard they got in a fight. So SAD!!! That was here first boyfriend, but it's not the last. Christina.
May 11, 2006

You guessed it..... I have school today. BORING.... anyway my best freind ( a boy ) got in a car crash and his mom had to get sergury!! He didn't but has a very sore leg!! Awwwwww..... I'm sad.... e-mail me and try to cheer me up!!! Plz!!! <^>Chelsa<^>
May 11, 2006

Wow!!! Alot of drama is going on with Chelsea. First she got in a fight with Jake and now THIS!!! Wats Next!!! I'm really stressed so I'm going crazy like a Tiger. Well, Gotta sleep. Good Night!!! **~~~Christina~~~**
May 12, 2006

Today is Friday.... but I faked sick. So I thought I'd update these things. )( Chelsea )(
May 12, 2006

Kyle made me get DRUNK!!! And I'm only 13!!! Is he CRAZY!!! So, I punched him in the balls so he'll learn a lesson. I had a very long tlk with him. Now, We're back together. Bye, Gotta make out wit him. <^> Christina<^>
May 13, 2006

today is SATURDAY!! Thank God!!! Anyway Christina is busy today. She went to go look at puppies. I know we shouldn't get another dog but... what can I say we ♥ dogs!

May 13, 2006
It's Saturday!!!Finally Saturday!!! I'm still crying bout Megan!!! She was my best friend!!! Srry...I gotta go to bed!!! *Cry
May 14, 2006

Hey happy Mother's Day! Christina got our mom a poodle. I got her a TV and a movie. Gotta hang wit my mom. Bye
May 14, 2006
Today is Mother's Day!!! I gave my Mom a special present!!! It was a poodle!!! I hope you have fun with your Mom!!!
May 15, 2006

Today I had school. It sucked. :( g2g bye
May 15, 2006

Chelsea said SchOOL SUCKED. I thought it rocked!!! Kyle kissed me, I got an A+ on my Social Studies Test, and A nerd named Brandon bowed down to ME!!!
May 16, 2006

Today I have school. Jake still hasn't talked to me. And my friend is still sore from the crash. He doesn't come to school that mych anymore because he doesn't have a dad, so ha stays home and cares for his mom. How sweet! ***Chelsea***
May 16, 2006

My mom named the poodle Midnight since it was black. Anyway...I had to go in the hospital because a girl hit a metal baseball bat at my arm. The bat broke my arm so I had to get a cast!!!
May 17, 2006
Christina got hit...And I beat up the girl that hit her!!! You should see me!!! Ha Ha!!!
May 17, 2006
Ouch!!! I got beat up by a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta rest!!!
May 18, 2006
Now me and my sister is dateless!!! Whats NEXT!!! She gets her guy and I'm still DATELESS!!!
May 18, 2006
I got in a fight with Kyle. He was talkin' about me...But in a bad way. he said that my boobs were too small. So I came up and slapped him and he just tripped me on the cement.
May 19, 2006
Well, Jake got back wit me...NOT!!! Kyle got back wit Christina. i'm tired of seeing those luvin' each other!!!
May 19, 2006
Today we had feild day. It was snowing in our area!!! Me and Kyle got backed together and when I got cold, he held me!!!
May 20, 2006
Whoa!!! Tht was a heck of a party!!! I just made out wit Jake!!! Now I thnk he loves me!!!!!!
May 20, 2006
I had an awsome party!!!It was like heaven!!! WHOA!!!!!!
May 21, 2006
Poor Christina...She looks so sick!!! I've been trying to make her feel better but, she's just TOOOOO sick!!!
May 21, 2006
I'm sick as an old Gramma!!! I need to get in bed...Awww

( will be different every week)

Chelsea: I don't need any advice right now. sorry.

Christina: Well I DO need advice. My dog Daisy is really sick I might have to put her down. I'm really depressed. So I need advice please help me. :'(
Well I hoped you liked our blog. If you have any questions e-mail us. ( Which as you know will be sent to me, Chelsea ) So thank you for your time and please fill free to make your own blog. If you have a blog then send us the name, catagory, and the author. Thanx bye!

Here is some fun stuff I found. - chelsea

How cute is that?

Smile for the camera!!

He has a sense of Humor!!!!

Go doggie Go!!!

Don't forget those back teeth.!!!!! lol

Now we know the truth.!!!

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