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Hello! My name is Alyia! pronounced Ah-lee-ah. Im 12 years old and this is my fisrt writing. I would like 2 give a shout out to all my home girls:
and cant forget my sister Jacey!
I love oranges, Hilary Duff, anything spicy, and the Red Sox, thats right the red sox!!!!!!If any of you play softball thats hot if any of you dont thats not so hot but who cares dont get it twisted! I like to do a joke every time I blog so here it is:
Yo mamma is so fat, she got more chins than a Hong Kong phone book (no offense to any one who is Asian its just a joke!)

Happy Momma's day heres a poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You took care of me since diapers,
So now its my turn to take care of you!
Heres a list of what moms love:
Paper Mache
NO dishes
Breakfast in bed
A kiss & hug!
This is about my cat Rosye my dad is in love with her even though he says he hates her!!!!
Rosye is 5 she turned 5 3/5/06. She is a shorthair calico! She loves fur and wet food and apsolutely despises water and dogs or other cats. She is a small cat and wakes me up Rosye is awesome I reccomend a cat to any one who does not have one!

Please visit my other blog the Hilary Factor you will love it! speaking of which hil writes a blog on aol that I post on mine its updated check it out when you get a spare moment! Yours truly: Alyia !!
I have been so caught up. I am trying out 4 kids jeopardy!! Whoever watches American Idol please write in my guest book who u love personally My fav is Chris Daughtry!! Peace OUt

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