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Meet me, the popular girl, Alexandra
Hey, this is my blog about me, my family, friends n my life... I hope u enjoy it... Alexandra A.K.A.= A.J.
Before you read this I wanna thank my friend ,Alicia, for showing me this site. If it wasn't for her this blog wouldn't be here. So thanx Alicia...... A.K.A. Aly
Hi, my name is Alexandra, I'm in the 4th grade. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm 10 years old. Now here are some things u should know about me. I get straight F's. I can draw PERFECT horses. My BFF'S are: Michaela, Alycia, Baylie, Kalie, Raelie and Mackenzie. I hope you comment me!

My Family

This is who lives in my house:
1. Mom Lori
2. Dad Bob
3. Brother Coty
4. 2 Cats
5. Guinea Pig Rover
6) Now my cat had 4 kittens!( 3 gurlz 1 boy)

Other info:
fav singer: Jesse McCartney (DUH)
fav color: Red
birthday: 10/16/95
birthstone: Opal
fav actor: Orlando Bloom (DUH, also)
fav day: Saturday
fav month: May
fav holiday: Christmas
fav food: Chinese
fav animal: horses
fav subject: Math
fav song: Sugar We're Going Down" Fall Out Boy
fav movie: High School Musical
fav TV show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
fav candy: Mike n Ikes
fav vacation: Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun
fav animal: Horses & unicorns
fav school(s): Prairie Wind Elementary & Western Hills Elementary School Magnet Center
fav phisical actvity: Track (1 mile long)
fav special: Art class/ P.E.
fav video game: Need For Speed Underground
fav flower: Rose (How Romantic!!!)
fav restruant: Valentino's ( Yummy )

Jesse McCartney Secrets!

Did u know tht about a month ago Jesse thought about quiting! If u have Tiger Beat Magazine u know tht 2. In Bop Magazine he said tht his wildest dream iz 2 go sky diving. Wow fearless! Oh, and 2 all u gurlz out there, sadly Jesse iz dating.
More secrets will be posted soon. G2G Bye!
My Dream

My dream is 2 dance and/or sing with Jesse McCartney on stage! That would be amazing. Otherwise 2 tickets 2 his concert will be great!
My boyfriend

My boyfriend iz Marcellus Puentus. I love him with all my heart. Same with him. We've known and have been dating 4 three years!

Marcellus is mixed. he has brown hair with a orange highlights! He is Sooooooooooooo H-O-T hot! No on FIRE!
Happy Easter!
Hey, it's April 16, 2006. Easter. I hope everyone has had a good time looking at my site. I have another site, "Tips on how 2 b the bestest friend" in "My family and my friends"
Here are some codes ond faces.

:)=Happy :(=Sad 0:-)= angel ;)= Wink :-*= Kiss :P= tounge sticking out

g2g= Got To Go LOL= Laugh Out Loud IDK= I Don't Know BRB= Be Right Back/ BathRoom Break U= you Ur=Your/You're N= And 2= to/two/too 4eva= (Four)For Ever
Any1= Anyone No1=no one Wat= What Wateva= WhatEver

Well tht's all 4 now! Bye! Alexandra AKA: A.J.
Hey, yall! It's April 17,2006. My friend Drew was sick today and Friday. So he didn't get 2 play freez tag with me! :(
Here r some cheers:

2,4,6,8, who did we humiliate? _________ yea!Yea_________ yea!Yea
(fill in name) (Same Name)

C.U.T.E. we're just like.. cuties. we're cute! We're Hot! But Everybody thinks ur not! Uh huh!

Rock the boat! Rock, rock the boat!Rock the boat but don't tip it over!

H.O.T.T.O.G.O. ____________________________ r hot 2 go! Say wat? (wat) hot
( fill in school and Mascot)
to go! Say wat (wat) hot to go!'s cold in here! There must be some_______________ in the atmoshere! Say brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... it's cold in here
(fill in mascot)
there must be some__________________ in the atmoshere!
Hey!!! Guess What??? There is going to be a Cheetah Girls 2!!! It's coming out I think this summer.!!!

School Sucks!!!!!!!!!!
April 18, 2006

School sucked. Today we had 2 dress up as either nerds or greeks. I saw a lot of UGLY nerds.... G2G

Yea today is Wednesday, April 19, 2006... School was pretty boring today. I played wit my kittens n guinea pig Rover... Tht's bout it... See Ya!!
April 24, 2006

Yea today I had to do a book Report and make a HUGE poster for the book report. All due Friday. Allthough I got it finished. I went to my grandma's so I could get online and print information of for my report. ( My printer was out of ink.) I also went out to dinner at China Buffet. yummy. Other then that I just updated my blogs. So see ya.
Hey... yea it's April 25,2006... today was okay. I had to finish my poster for my book report.. Nothin' else really... gotta change my guinea pig's cage but that's bout it. Bye
April 28, 2006

Today is Friday. It was a very easy day. NO HOME WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!! Well tht is about it. Oh, I'm gonna spend the night at my friends tomarrow night. Yea!! So see ya!! Bye. A.J.
May 1, 2006

Today is Monday and I have NO SCHOOL TODAY!!! Yea... I am at my gramma's house pretty much doin nothin but hey, isn't that wat your soppose to do on a day off?? Anyway my little cousin Chandler is over she spent the night because she didn't have school either.
That is all 4 now... bye.
Cole Sprouses's E-mail and sn are WheresMyDS and

Dylan Sprouse's is spazzman4life and

My Future

In the future I wanna get married to a loving man tht will care for me. Hopefully get a small house and possibly have 1 count em' 1 kid. I would also luv to get a dog. A collie personally. And may b get a car.
May 2, 2006

Today is Wednesday. I had school..... boring as usual. My friend came over. We walked 2 miles too for excercise. Other then that nothing else.... bye
May 4, 2006

Today is Thursay. I again had school. Boring as usual. But atleast tomarrow is Friday. Thats good right?? Bye See Ya
May 5, 2006

FRIDAY!!! Thank god it's Friday!!! I have had a hard week.... a boring week.... but a week nontheless. Well then see ya l8er!!! bye
May 6, 2006

Today my friend is gonna come over and play!!!!! I haven't seen her in months!! She'll see the kittens and my gunea pig Rover for the first time!!! I can't wait!!!
Thanx for taking your time to look at and read my blog!! Hoped you liked it!!! Bye!!!

Alexandra A.K.A. : A.J. Bye

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