My family & friends
antonio and mirta are happy in Jerez!

This is me, Antonio. I'm 9 and I'm from Jerez, in the south of Spain.
I live with mum in a beautiful house. We haven't got dogs or cats, but we're happy! Mirta is my aunt
Hi! I'm Mirta, Antonio's aunt. I live in Jerez, too. I'm a teacher in a secondary school. I teach English. I like animals, but I only have 6 goldfish in a big tank in my garden. I live with Chema, my boyfriend. And I visit Antonio every day.

It is a map of Spain. Look, Jerez is in the south, near the ocean. Jerez is a small nice city.

In Jerez you can go to the zoo and see the animals: elephants, monkeys, snakes, ducks, crocodiles and the white tiger.

This is Buba the elephant.It is big and grey.

And this is the white tiger and a baby tiger,the big attraction of the zoo.

This is Calle Larga ("Long Street").It is in the center of Jerez.You can visit the shops and bars..
This is my mum. She's beautiful!!! I love my mum. we play PLAYMOBILS.
And this is my grandpa.

I like Doraemon!

Garfield is one of my favourites, too!

My photos

This is a photo of Pepe, my big cousin, and me.

This is Paco, my grandpa.

This is mom.

Mom, me and Mirta, in a wedding

I like Geronimo Stilton

Bye-bye, friends,
this is the end.

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antonio and mirta are happy in Jerez! (My family & friends)    -    Author : mirta - Spain

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