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hi i am josh welcome to my blog this is where i do my daily notes for you and others to read i hope you like it here
by josh
hi its josh i have my own website up and running
if you want to see it and even sigh the gest book of chat in my own chat room (12+ only to go in to the chat room rules apply)to see the website type i cant wait to see you
from josh

to enter the chat room and to chat to joshs friends in the uk u must be 12+ only
rules and conditions apply
thank you all for sighing my gest book i am soo glad
that some people like it i am doing a new website here is the adress so all of of you can
get intouch even closer it is i hope you all enjoy it please note some pages from my blog will be deleated for new one s beacuse some people want me to continue only ones i dont need will go non of the ones i like
thank you all from josh
all about me

my starsign:virgo
my look:original and funky (perfect for flirting with girls )
favourite hangout:shopping centers
dont go eny where with out:my note book (it has all my fashion designs in it )
favourrite past time:designing fashons for boys and girls
what i look for in a girl:great sense of humour and very kind person

i love living in the town and i go every where with the coolest friends of mine
we all love doing things together and i am in the best town ever
MY BLOG: today i went into some thing called the hanna dakota chat room and i am a fan of her but when they put up a message saying that she dose not come in here i was so upset but atleast i can talk about it in my blog but people should not put up chat rooms where they say that famous peopel chat there its not nice and fans of those peopel are upset about that
by josh
MY BLOG:today was good and tomorrow awaits school its ok there at school but it is too long for me i have been ill the past week which was a falf tearm so i was ill over my break so i have to go back tomorrow
by josh
MY BLOG:today my sister went to university and i am left with one more sister bethani shes my littel sister and i like her alot i play with her and take care of her if some one gose out to places its fun we rent movies from the local videio shop and we get thing s to eat and me and her and othere friends of hers have a good time
by josh
MY BLOG:me and my friends love to hang out and go places we like going discos together and we like to party my friends are danielle sara and christina i know its all girls but some boys at are school are so silly and its wrong for boys to act like that most boys at the age of 12 get into the style me and some friends who are boys we are in the styel its just the rest of them that act silly which is a shame i could of gotten to no them and be friends but i am fine with all the friends i have
by josh
MY BLOG:today i was very ill and could not go into schoolbut i went to the shops to get some food and stuff and it gave me a thought that maybey i could go some were els over the week end and cheq out some realy cool shops in other places
by josh
MY BLOG:me and my friends hanged out around the coffe cafe today its nice in there you can chill out and have a drink with your mates its so cool to hang out with my great friends
by josh
MY BLOG:i hope today gose well me and all my friends are going out and i hope it gose well and most of th time i like it when i go out with friends it feels nice to be with peopel who i like
by josh
MY BLOG:i love writing my blog it gives me a chance to let my felings go out to the world and i hope peopel like what i write and i enjoy writing i do like keping a daily diary at home but to have a blog which others can read is just truly amazing it is good to have a blog and i am grateful to run one for other peopel to read
by josh
MY BLOG:new york city i d love to live there because it sounds nice and i d love to try a bit of the night life and many nice peopel live in the city so i think i could find new friends there but i dont want to leave the friends here in the town plus one of my old friends is coming back i cant remember her name and she use to be in my old school she was a good friend i hope she remembers me
by josh
MY BLOG:today i went to the shopping center with my friends and we had the most funnyest time there we went to this shop and we did some shopping but after we had lunch in the mm cafe and we all had the same thing for lunch it was so funny after we went to the high street and looked at all the lates retro clothing stores i got some t shirts and all my friends got cloths for specal time it was the best day of my life and my friend are the gratest in the world i am so glade i met them in the first place
by josh
MY BLOG:peopel say that mondays are boring because you go in to school but to day was the best monday of my life frist i was in french which is my favourite subject and then in pe i dont do with a group i work do it with a dicabeled person he said he did not like pe but when we did badminton with 3 lsas that stands for learning support asisstants we all had a grate time then i found a 10P on the floor 1 lucky thing of the day and some spare papre which i could draw on it was so good to day it was the best monday ever
by josh
do you like this blog
if you do please go to the forum or the gest book and tell me what you think of it if you wish to tell me ways of improving my blog i will be happy to do that thanks
MY BLOG:well an other good day today at school first we had english and me and one of my friends called danielle sit at the back of the class we had a privet 121 chat and we had no work so that was cool second we had math again with one of my friends called christina then after break time we had computers with all my friends then we had art which again with all my friends and i made the coolest design there and finaly history which i was with one friend called becky
so it was ok today not as good as yesterday
by josh
MY BLOG:i was ill today so i could not go to school which is ashame because all my friends are at school and who knows whats going on at school i enjoy my time with my friends we do everthing to gether its like they are apart of my family its cool to have friends
by josh
thanks for all your messages so far please keep on sending your apinions and i will be happy to read them thaks josh
MY BLOG : i like doing things like this many peopel have look at my blog i like it when i get visitores its nice to know that peopel are reading my blog
by josh
MY BLOG:today was so bad because at break we were playing a game in games club and a foot ball smashed one of the windows and 5th lesson there was a fight so some time s
school is not the best place to be at while all this is going on but i am fine now me and my friends are happy in all ways and during times like this too
by josh
MY BLOG: today was ok in english class we got into groups becaus we had a cover teacher but me and my friends just had a real privet chat and the teacher did not see us how cool
by josh
MY BLOG:today me and my littel sister bethany went to church and we had a good time all our friends apart from mine from school were there me and beth found scotters in the back room and we played on them it was great one of my friends are ill and is in hospital her name is vicky we are going to see her later
by josh
MY BLOG:yesterday i went with my dad (he is in hospital but is alowed to go shopping with me) me and him went to an arts and crafts mega store i got some things and then we had dinner in the diner cafe and then i went home it was the best visit ever
by josh
MY BLOG:well i am doing good i have a new website up and running its very good i hope you all visit but i am still doing this blog i will necer leave this area
by josh
MY BLOG :i love to chat to peopel its fun and i meet new friends but in chat rooms peopel are nasty to you so i just text chat or go on the phone to peopel i know its more fun that way
by josh
i am now going in to the chat room please chat to me in chat roon 1 or 2 please keep your talk clean when you are chating to me thaks josh
MY BLOG:school today and i am looking forward to see my friends then see jak (he is my disabeled friend its sad that he cant walk)but we get along and then lessons of the day
by josh
for a live and 121 chat with all your penpals go to chat room one or two
i am in there weekends only
MY BLOG:today was so cool me and my friends went to the mall today and i bought some things and me and my friends went to the cafe in the middel of the mall and at the end are feet were sore it realy is shop till u drop
by josh
please do visit my forum or gest book and you can leave messages there for me to read if youhave eny ideas of improving my blog i will be happy to do them by josh
MY BLOG:today was the best i went to see my littel sister bethany at nersary and she was every happy she said that she likes playing with her freinds and she love it so it looks like mum chose the right nercary
by josh
MY BLOG: today was ok it was one of my friends birthdays today so i made her some jewlery and she liked it all my friends took photos of the birthday girl and we had lots of fun even at school
by josh

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