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A blog about Bianca de Klerk (Me)
This is a Blog about a South African girl called Bianca...

Hey! I am Bianca I live in South Africa.
I think the most common question people ask about South Africa is, if there are realy lions running around in the streets... Well the answer is NO!
Lions are kept in Zoo's or they stay in the Wild.

The Mother City of South Africa is Cape Town.
Cape Town is famous for Table mountain. Cape Town is realy a beautiful city.

I (Bianca) live in a Town called Polokwane. Polokwane is in the Province called Limpopo.
Limpopo is the most northern province in South Africa.

This is my Family:

This picture were taking when we went on holiday at Paternoster(A small town near Cape Town)
This is my Friends at school:
Me and my cousin:
My favourite food:
So.. you see that South Africa is a Wonderful place to live! We have no natural disasters. We have crime and corruption but that is just the Goverment most of the time. So don't be afraid to come and visit.

PS: If you read this and want to be my penpal.. I am under South Africa, Bianca

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