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I`m coming +_,+!!!

I`m coming +_,+!!! [[Update]]

Recent My Photo - 첫번째.!!!


Recent My Photo - 두번째.!!!


Health!!! for good condition!!!

soon, My body will be

a perfect body +_,+v

*~ 2006/12/26 강서.,v

My Photo : I`m studying .. ★

Live in the Present [현재를 살아라]

Many of us have spent much of our lives worrying about a variety of things all at once.
우리들 대부분은 대부분의 삶을 동시에 여러가지 일들을 걱정하는 것으로 보내왔다.

We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,
so we end up anxious, depressed, and hopeless.
우리는 과거의 문제들과 미래에 대한 걱정이 우리 현재의 순간은 지배하도록 만든다,
그렇기에 결국 우리는 불안하고, 우울하고, 절망적이게 된다.

We also put off our satisfaction and happiness, often convincing ourselves that "someday"
will better than today
또한 우린 미룬다 만족감과 행복을, 종종 "언젠가"는 오늘보다 낳을 거라며
우리 자신을 납득시키며.

Often we act as if life were a dress rehearsal for some later date.
우리는 종종, 마치 인생이 후의 나날을 위한 본격적인 예행 연습인듯이 행동한다.

It`s isn`t.
인생은 결코 그런 것이 아니다.

In fact, no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tomorrow.
사실상, 누구도 내일 이곳에 있을 수 있을 거란 장담을 할 수 있는 자는 없다.

Now is the only time we have, and the only time that we have control over.
지금 현재의 순간이 우리가 가진 유일한 시간이며,
우리가 제어할 수 있는 유일한 순간이다.

thus, it goes without saying that your attention has to be kept on
the here and now.
그렇기에, 우리가 여기 지금 현재에 집중해야 한다는 것은 말 할 필요조차 없다.

scrape by 강서-+ 2006/11/16

My korean Blog ~ ^-^*
▲2006 New Life~ !!! ▽2005. My memories~ bye~ ^-^v

I`m made it KK.,

This`s Food name "Kim bob" one of the "Korean best popular food"

It`s very delicious//

Do you like " K-1 " ?
I`m very like it !!! manly fight !!
low kick! , High Kick! , Jab! , Hook!!
Ah~ very great!!,
I`m often waching " K-1 "
Best fighter I like, is " Ray Sefo "
His play is very good!!!
He is very handsome and manful.
on top photo is Korean
K-1 player " Hong_man Choi " ,
He called " Techno Goliath " and he`s dance is very good~ K.,
If you a man , you will be fan of " K - 1 " //

it`s me!!

Korea High school students break time.

We have break time 10min, after study 50min.

We are always tired K..K..

My room ^-^,
So,, Korean Boy`s Room ♥

Nowdays My hair style - Looks very GOOD?? isn`t it?

This hair named "Sya Gi" it`s mean "wave in the wind" ;

It`s famous hair style in KOREA. H, H-

last sunday i`m go to mountian
because for meet my forefather`s grave,
at this time yearly,
Korean people go to their forefather`s grave,
for cleaning grave around.

This photo is about last travel in my student life

when 2005, 5/18~5/21 2grade of my school traveled Jeju islan in Korea ;;

It is last travel in my student life ;; .,

(i don`t english very well -_-;;)

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