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My Best Friend
Hi, my name is Nasim and I want to talk about my best friend.
Her name is Zainab and she is 11.

She has black hair and brown eyes (I think).

We always meet at school but in the weekend I get lonely. That is why we chat and talk on Skype or on Facebook.
We love to play with each is a poem I wrote about her.
My Best Friend

My best friend is Zainab
She really is the best
We love each other like sisters
But not even one bit less!

We like to chat on Facebook
And talk to each other on Skype
And if you ask her some questions
You'll find out she's a bit like me!

Even if I'm going to another school
I'll never forget my friend
Because there is no friend like her
She's the best friend EVER!!
Zainab likes to write poems too. Her is her recent one:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple in the morning-doctor's warning
Roast apple at night- starve the doctor outright
Eat an apple going to bed- knock the doctor on the head
3 each day, 7 days a week - ruddy apple RUDDY CHEEK!
But now... Zaineb isn't my best friend anymore. She's not even my friend. I don't know what happened. After all I've done for her, she doesn't talk to me. She just left me without another word. She made new best friends. She plans to go to places with them and she always leaves me out. Alone. The fourth wheel.

So here's some advice. Be careful who you choose to be friends with. And if Zaineb is reading this right now. I want to tell you something I never wanted to tell you in person. You're going to end up without friends if you keep doing this. I am starting to notice that you're leaving Yasmine out. I took you to Playmobil for the first time and I gave you my Strawberry sparkling lipgloss. I wrote a poem about you. And this is how you thank me. People will start to hate you if you keep doing this. If you want, don't even talk to me. I just want you to know this.

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