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yo,names novie(: &&thats wat i go wit itt.i go to edgewood,8th grade.ehh,it younger than u think,im only 13! i make lots a bad choices on letting ppl nvr take me seriously,i always take everything bak.clayton settle is the boyfriendd(: hes pretty much amazing!im real stubbron,&argue a lot.but thats jus how i am.but im a real fun girl once you get to kno me.but if i dnt like u,then im gonna give u addicted to textingg!get at mee.

Name: November Simms
Birthday: March 28
Birthplace: Canada
Lives: California
Step-Sisters: Lola and Gina
Blood Sister: Angel
Step-Brothers: Jake and Ryan
Blood Brother: Garrett
Step- Father: Henry
Mother: Sarah
Father: Don
Nickname: Novie
Pets: One dog named Maysee
Hobbies: Football, hockey and basketball
Talent: I can play any sport the boys can play.
Favorite color: Green and pink
Favorite Movie: Make It Happen
Favorite Singer: Alyson Stoner
Furture Job: Professinal Basketball player or football and hockey.

I live in San Diego, California with my mother, step father, jake, ryan, garrett, lola gina. i love to sit by the beach and listen to the waves crash. The house above is my home. We took it when we first moved to California after my parents split up. but now the house yard is covered with: skateboards, bikes, skooters, and kids killing each other. :P

I'm going to write a diary so, all of you can get a understanding of my life. We're going to begin with my life on my first day of school after I moved to California. On September 19th Thanks :P
September 19th

School. The first day of school.......... WAIT! Haven't I've already started school. Ah, yes. The public school in Canada is the best place to be not a school in Califorina with movie star childern and models. Gawd. If I ever had to pick between going to school with super skinny losers or dieing. I'll probally pick dieing, it'll be less painful.

For one, I missed the bus so my mom had to drive me to school.
Second, I couldn't find my locker or remeber my combo.
Third, I couldn't find my soical studies class so........

I met a guy. His name is Symon Scaggs. He is super hawt. I met him trying to find my class. He was walking down the stairs and I just came threw the corner and BAM. We ran into each other.

He took me to my class. I wove him.


óż óż óż Novie óż óż óż
September 20th

Guess what? I already have a enemy. And detention. Her name is Angie Williams. She's dating Symon (Grr) Shes the most 'popular' girl in school, as if that impress anyone. I hate her guys already.

This is what happen: At lunch I sat at 'her' table. Symon walked up to the table and sat with me. We had a converstain until, the doors flew open and four super skinny losers/girls walked intot the cafe and started towards the table. They were snickering and pointing at me.

Then Angie glares at me.
Angie: What are you?
Me: Novie. And you are... Let me guess. A stick.
Angie: Excuse me?
Me: What you can't hear well? Maybe you should go get that checked.
Angie to one of the clones: Well, look Jewel. Look what the cat dragged in. (To Me) I think the animals are being feed outside. Hurry. You might get some scraps from the zookeeper.
Me (Stunned grabbed the oatmeal and shoved it in Angie's perfect face) WHO'S THE ANIMAL NOW?

I walked out, knowing Symon was impressed and Angie was frumming.

I'm going to like this school.

♥ Novie ♥
September 21st

I'm having a party. I'm inviting tons of people I met who are:
Brianne Bitner (Super skinny dancer. Really sweet. Daughter of some famous dudes)
Amy Simms (Gymnast. Daughter of a famous gymnast)
Brittany Bennet (Model. But nice)
Kaylee Brown (Just skinny cheerleader)
Ashley Berg (Wannabee Cheerleader. Skinny though. Ballet)
Symon Scaggs
R.J Barrow
Drew Jackson
Drake Walls
Tatam Market
Carina Babbs (Ex-friends with Angie. Cheerleader)
Biana Davis (Really nice, swimmer.)

When Angie heard she wasn't invited she was mad. I guess she was invited to every party until mine. Whoops I broke her record.

September 22

Argh. Angie.... I went to the mal with bianca and amy she was there with her clones. their skinny arms were covered with bags. as we past them angie coughed "fattie" to me.
Knowing im not fat, i didn't do nothing. I'm not super skinny like the other girls. I'm petie. I love my body and she can just screw it.

Angie passed as 10 times, before I got mad. After she coughed slut to Bianca I spun around and yelled. "What is you're problem, Angie?"

Angie looked surprised, but said back. "You're my problem. And you slut train of 'friends'."

"Bianca is not a slut. Amy is not aneriox and Im not fat. So you and you're Baribe clones and go find a ditch and bury ur self in it."

Angie coughed a whatever. And walked away.


*** Happy Novie ***

Here's a picture of Me and Amy (above) Me with braces.

Here is some of the girls that came to my party! (Above) Im the one with the braces. First one.

Me at mall. The day we attack the Barbies.

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