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♥Katie & Me♥ *( Our life as a babysitter and 9 year old kid )*


Facts Bout Me

Born: January 6th, 1990

Born in: Lawrenceville, GA

Nicknames: Kayters, Tater, and Kay

Mom: Amy 38

Dad: Anthony 41

Animals: Cat named Baby Kitty, A turtle named Murtle

Sibs: Brother, Austin

Eyes: Blue, sometimes green, really blue in pics

Hair: Blonde/brown short

Size: 5"6'

Status: Single

Now lives: Woodstock, Georgia

Sign: Capicorn


My Favorites

Colors: Pink & Black

Food: Chicken & Popcorn ( wants popcorn every time she sees the orville commercial )

Drink: Water & Diet Coke

Movies: Little miss sunshine, stepmom, and

Acter: Adam Sandler

Actresse: Sandra Bullock

Show: ER

Bands: Evanescence, Green Day, Martina Mcbride, and Dixie Chicks

Songs: Call me when you're sober, Anyway

Stores: Hot Topic

About Me

Born: April 10th 1998

Nickname: Sarah Beara, T.P., Tadpole, Tadpolio, Sugar.

Born in: Hollywood, California

Age: 9

Grade: 4th grade

Hair: blonde/brown short

Eyes: hazel brown

Dad: Drummer Bevan Davies (37)

Mom: Bartender Michelle (38)

Animals: Cat (Bianca 7)

Sibs: 2 sisters Samantha (8) Lilly (2) 1 bro Christian (4)

Sign: Aries


Now lives: Woodstock, Georgia

Status: Single

My Favorites

Color: Pink, yellow, purple

Acters: John Travolta, Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp

Actresess: Jojo, Sara Paxton, Hilary Duff, and Sarah Michelle

Stores: Limited Too, Icing, Claires, Libby Lu,

Movies: Stepmom, Elmo in Grouchland ( i can't help its so cute! ) Pirates 1,2 and probably 3.

Singers: Gwen Stefani, Pink, Fergi, Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood.

Bands: Panic at the disco, Green Day.

Show: Spongebob, Next, Neds Declassified.

Food: Chinese

Drink: Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Coke

Songs: Redneck Women, Hips Don't lie, Cupid Chokehold, Its not over.


Hey Yall! I hope every girl has a great school year! Do good in school, and DON"T give up. Also remember to don't overeact on 1 failiure. Focus. Do good and make your parents happy! Love Yah all and do stay in school! : )

Me and Katie go to the same church, and we met at this seafood place called Boneheads. Her little brother Austin hes 10, is my ex boyfriend. Me and Katie do lots of things and like the same things, she is a good friend to have. She is my babysitter. She comes over all the time to babysit and sometime just to hang out. She thinks she lives here because sometimes she sleeps over. So like basiclly shes my nanny. I've known her for probably a year and babysat for like a year too. In a week shes going to an Evanescence concert. Shes SO excited! Also shes going to college she has to move away like 2 hours from here and that means i won't see her as much. Oh Well! Im starting school on Monday and it SUCKS! Im getting everybody in my class that i don't want I HATE IT! : .(
Hey its me Sarah, and i just got grounded for bout a week. : ( Katie is not babysitting anymore since my dad home from his biznuiss trip. School starts tommorow. It sucks that summer is over. Oh well! Katie is so excited about the concert. She is going on stage and just might meet AMY LEE! ITS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!! She is going to get lots of shirts. But can't get me one because she'll be broke if she bought me one. Well ill right back in a few days. Bye! : )

¢¾Here are some pics!¢¾

Katie and her old friend trying on old ladie jackets. : )-

This is Austin, Katie's bro.

Model Pic, Beautiful Girl, should i say more? Email me at to tell me what you think about this pic.

This is a guy that she met in Murtle Beach. She thinks that hes cute!

Me just being cute!
Hey Its Sarah its Friday and im ungrounded! This first week was awsome. Katie is going to the concert tommorow she is SO exciting to go! I mean she might meet AMY LEE! Oh wait already metioned that but isnt so COOL!!!!!!!!!! Oh and she spent like more than 100 dollars on her outfit to the concert!
Well Im sorry i haven't wrote to you in a long time, been busy. School started and it really easy. It's August 18 today and Katie had the concert already, and she had fun at first but then her mom called her a b*tcth and that was the had to make a long story short. I feel sorry for Katie because after that her parents grounded her until she got out of high school! Katie didn't like this at all, so she went to live with her real dad. She says that she hates her mom. I feel so sorry for her.
Hey everybody its every body and its sarah Me and Katie dont see each other anymore: (
Sorry Fans!! So I am turning this blog into only about me. I'm so sad I havnt sean her in a year and I'm 10!
Faces : )

Smile : )

Frown : (

Tear :.(

Wink ; )

Straight Face : |

Stick out Tongue : )-

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