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It's Miley Cyrus And Lesley Patterson
Hey I Hope You Enjoy This Little Fan-Like Site My Best Friend Made For Me. Remember Every One Who Clams There Me...Usually There Not. I Do Have A Yahoo...But It's A Fan Mail Address.You Can Go On Or And I'm Trying To Get A NeoPets And Hopefully An Xanga. I Do Have A MySpace It's MileyCyrus. I Don't Have A YouTube Though. Well Keep intouch With This Site-Blog On More Info On me!
[picture not found]

me and les
Hey Guys!!!!!!I hope you like my little web-blog. my friends told me about a site called neopets...and i'm going to get one latter but 3 of my friends have one already.Please post something in the form sign the gust book and answer the survey. well peace out!!
March 17,2007

Hey Guy's!!! Was Up? Any way Just letting you know i have a little darker hair color than what i usually have.It's Dark Brown now!!! Hope Y'all Like my new look!!! Oh...and please sign in the guest book and leave me a message!!!I'd Love To hear From you!!! Bye!!
March 29,2007

Hey y'all!!! Ok your all probably wondering "if shes real why on her site dose she say this is the only place you can interact with me" well there are alot of posers out there.....but my friend lesley made this and also i need to update it on there....any way my new hair....hope you all like it.i'll update the pictures later...any way i'll start putting pictures of the show and public pictures that ARE on the internet like were i recently been....and i've been to London!!! it was awesome well check ya later!!! -peace-
April 6,2007

my sis

miss ashley tisdale

this is stella and desiree

my lil' sis with pink hair

coles gone crazey


my mom took this picture when me and emily were on our lunch break

this is my half sister and half brother brandi and trace


lesley's ready 4 foot ball

my friend desiree took this when she was working with nat

me when i was yonger

me and spencer

me and lesley...again

2 good

it's me



this is me at cheerleading

cody and his gf laruen

me and les


this is a pic of me and my back up dancers

ashley shopping


me and my mom
[picture not found]

me and les

this is my friend desiree


this is me and les and a fan
[picture not found]

this is my friend desiree's best friends sister



lesley in the girls locker room

my friend desi's sis's bff's sis with cole

nessa and ashley recording the high school musical cd

nessa and steller

me and lesley w/sidekicks

me and my sis (half sis)


nessa slurpn'

me and les..


me talkn' to my friend gwen

sis's and bros

me...and friends

me in hair and make up

me and my friend

me being me

me and emily on hannah montanna
[picture not found]

ness and ash
he's cute

at dillards
[picture not found]

lesley in b room

i look stupid in this pic

[picture not found]

me on photo shoot

me and my bro




desi's cousin
lesley....again...what she's my bff

me and friends

cody linley who played jake ryan


this is me being stupid..again

taco bell food

lesley again

back of my house..i have another house thats a ranch in the back after the pool

me brandi and noah

lesley after cheer practice/she's the girl under the girl at the top

on set of hannah montanna

ash an v

this is desi....she looks alot like stella

Hey Guys!!! Please DO NOT STEAL PICTURES. Alot of people have and posted them all over the Internet. Yes I'm Real...And Leave Me a Message....Please Try Not To e-mail me because i'm not always busy non-stop but i am pretty leave a message and check back in a day or so to see if i answered. You Can be updated by my official sit eon bye and talk 2 ya latter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[picture not found]

***Hello!!! It's me Miley,Ok there Are alot of posers out on the internet so please help me stop them. I DO NOT have a neopets,yet and i DO NOT have a xanga or anything like that...i do have a myspace it's mileycyrus.And I do not have any youtube. Check out on my official site

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