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As you may already know, it's that time of the year when the air becomes crisp, apples are picked, football games are in season, sweaters and Uggs are pulled out of hibernation, hot cider is served, and leaves change colour. Fall is here.

After waking up on a Saturday morning to rays of light peeking into my bedroom and getting ready to conquer the day, I could tell there was change in the air. I decided to lightly curl the ends of my hair and stick with a natural makeup look consisting of soft neutrals and glowy pink cheeks and lips. Since it seemed chillier than usual, I threw on a sweater and skinny jeans, completing my comfy- chic look with a pair of combat boots.

I ran out the door, planning to meet the girls at Starbucks, and jumped into my car and drove quickly, but safely, to the coffee shop. Walking in, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and baked goodies washed over me as I spotted Chloe and the girls saving a seat for me in a booth, far away from prying eyes. As I walked over to the group, I felt someone knock into me causing their drink to spill all over my sweater.
"Oh, geez! I'm so sorry," a deep voice said, causing me to look up. My eyes locked with the same piercing green eyes which had bumped into me earlier this week. Ashton! Instead of getting angry at him for spilling his drink on me, I couldn't help but blush as he continued to fumble with his apologies. In the end I decided to speak up, in order to shut him up.
"Wow, you just can't help but keep bumping into me, can you?" I jokingly replied.
"Hey! You bumped into ME the first time, but now I feel bad about ruining your sweater," he sheepishly replied.
"Oh it's fine, I guess we're even now. Besides, I'm pretty sure latte stains are IN this season," I playfully teased.
"Well, you didn't spill a hot drink on me, so I can't say were even," he smirked, "In fact, I owe you a drink."
"Seriously, you don't have to, you know," I responded, rolling my eyes(even though I was secretly hoping he was serious).
"No, I WANT to," he replied, looking into my eyes with a serious expression, "here's my number, text me when you wanna take me up on the offer".
I quickly gave him mine, and we parted ways. I hastily walked over to the girls and slid into the booth. After making sure Ashton had left, I squealed like a fangirl and told the girls everything that went down.
"Oooooh! Marina's got a crushhhhhh," Chloe sang loudly until I smacked her arm and glared at her.
"And he's a total hawttie!" my other friend, Tiffany swooned, and the rest of the girls chorused their agreement.
"He's already heads over heals for you Rina, I ship it!" declared Chloe. I couldn't help but laugh as she struck a ridiculous pose, acting like she was superman or something. We all continued talking, gossiping, and laughing, as crisp air floated in every time a customer opened a door and made us clutch our pumpkin spice lattes tighter. I eventually tuned out the girls' conversations and turned to look out the cold window panes. I could see trees with red and gold leaves that would fall off with a few gusts of the wind. I could see a vendor selling apples and handing out small cups of hot cider for free. I could see people walking along the streets wearing scarves and Northfaces. As I turned back to look at the girls, I decided to have a toast, for the beginning of a new season and school year. I lifted up my cup and simply stated,"To the begging of a new school year and season!" The girls quickly echoed me, and we all cheered and downed our lattes, feeling content. <3

So my lovelies, what did you think of my latest post? Please comment on my forum for some positive or negative feedback or some suggestions. Please, because it really helps me as a writer to know how good of a job I'm doing!
lOvE yA,
Marina xoxo

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<3Every Brunette Needs A Blonde BFF<3

Bonjour mes belles amis!This is my first post to my NEW blog, so I'm just gonna jump right into it. Last weekend, my blonde bestie, Chloe and I were EXTREMELY stressed out after our first week of highschool as sophomores,(yay! No more having to lie about being freshmen;)so we decided to take a private jet to Paris for some retail therapy to de-stress. After watching chick-flicks and sipping on smoothies for about 6 hours, we FINALLY landed in the City of Lights. Chloe was already scoping out cute francais garcons and dragged me along to talk to a pair of boys who were around our age. After flirting and exchanging numbers with the boys, we went to check in at our resort/hotel. The place was HUGE(even for my standards*smirk*) and I couldn't help but let out a small gasp as I walked through the lobby. It was like a whole other world inside the hotel, I don't even know how to describe it...

After admiring the breathtaking scenery, Chloe and I decided to hit the spa. After receiving deep tissue massages with hot stones, deep-pore cleaning facials(it smelled like chocolate!),mani-pedis, and hot oil hair treatments, we left feeling quite relaxed. Since it was getting late, we decided to have a late night snack of fro-yo(I got cheesecake! Yummy). Afterwards, we ventured up to our suite and read magazines until we fell asleep, our dreams full of french boys, fancy hotels, and fro-yo..........TO BE CONTINUED.........

Sorry girlies, I will post the second-half of the story soon so stay updated<3
lOvE yA,
<3About Moi<3

So I figured you all would want to know about me so i decided to make a post about moi, hope ya like it(even though I KNOW you will*smirk*)...
1. My name is Marina Cassia
2. I live in L.A.
3. I have brown wavyish hair and blue eyes
4. My parents spoil me rotten<3
5. I love to smirk alot(*smirks*)
6. I'm 5'3(I know, I'M FUNSIZE:D)
7. My bestie is Chloe
8. I'm VERY athletic and take fitness seriously
9. I don't like the idea of someone starving themselves to be skinny, in fact FOOD IS MY LIFE!<3
10.I enjoy blogging and writing
11.I'M A MAJOR DIRECTIONER(I TOTALLY ship Zerrie!!!)<3<3<3 AND MY FAVORITE IS NIALL,my little leprecaun*smirk*
12.I don't know if this sounds weird but I love makeup, it just fascinates me...


<3Back to School<3

After my lovely trip to Paris with my BFF Chloe, I was ready to come back to school, relaxed and ready to take over. After waking up an extra hour earlier than I did normally, I got dressed, winged out my liner, and swept my hair into a perfect sock bun, and was ready to leave. After grabbing a breakfast bar and my book bag I climbed into my BSF,Mellisa's car(Best Senior Friend, for those of you who are clueless*smirks*) and immediately started gossiping and cranking up the radio as we headed to school. I then headed to the Starbucks kiosk where I told my "group" to meet up. Chloe, and the group(Sarah, Meredith, and Tiffany) quickly swarmed around me as soon as they caught a whiff of my one direction perfume(don't judge me!) and gave me a huge group hug leaving me light-headed afterwards. As we started catching up and ordered our pumpkin spice lattes, we felt someone approach us. As I whipped around, I saw a girl with blonde hair in a fishtail and sharp, brown eyes facing me, with her little friends behind her. Obviously a freshman trying to act all cool, so I regarded her with my famous cold-eyed look, and her smirk immediately dropped, bringing mine into place.
"That's what I thought," dimissing her and she walked back to her table, humiliated, while my friends and I laughed at her nerve.
Returning to our gossip we talked all the way until the warning bell rang, and we rushed to class. On the way to class, I bumped into a really cute guy with black hair that swept into his eyes and with piercing green eyes that studied me intently. Then I realized I was staring so I offered a quick hi.
"Umm, hey. Sorry for bumping into you,"
"Oh it's all good. The names Ashton,"
"Well I guess I'll see you around," said Ashton, disappearing before I could say anything else. I continued on my way to class, thinking about the mysterious boy with green eyes.<3

Well that's all for today girlies. Keep an eye out for more posts coming soon;)
lOvE yA,

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