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Hi People:)
This is my random Blog filled with the contents of my thoughts.
Anything and everything shall be posted from DIY's to Every Blogging.

Here is a short story to start off my random posts:)

Although you are alone you fulfil your full potential because no one holds you back.
Who would want to hang out with a bunch of mindless zombies, people that think you are an alien if you don't know who one direction is. Wouldn't you want to be alone, smarter and independent?
Or would you want to be a mindless zombie succumbing to the latest trends?

My friend and I wrote the good copy of this and now you read it:)

hay guys this is a another short story:)


As I lay on my bed, I look around and see little lights that seam to fool me into being fire fly's, staring at me until I fall asleep I look around over and over again until I slowly fell asleep.
In the morning I wake to see no fire fly's ,I lay disappointed to realise that they will return tonight to put me to bed with that mesmerising look they put upon me.

Merry Christmas
Hay guys this is just a little poem enjoy
To many hours
So little minuets
A second stops
A day leaps
A week gone
Thank you guys 24 visitors cool :)
so today I was jumping on my trampoline and me and my brothers started a water fight and one of my brothers dropped there water gun and I didn't see it so I jumped on it and cut my foot
hi guys thank u so much for 71 visitors that is amazing :)
Hay guys this is just haiku injoy
Little red leaves fell
To creat a beautiful sea
On a windy day

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