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Today I am really excited because I'm going to my friends birthday party! I've already gone and brought the present. Friday was awesome beacause I got to have a day off school! My mum let me she is so nice! LOL! She let me have a day off coz she was still
tired because of my school trip at reotahi bay for snorkling! OK so about my snorkling
trip, all of the kids in grade 3 went down to reotahi bay for a school trip. We had heaps of activities like drawing, visiting the meat works and of course... SNORKLING!!
When i snorkled I saw some pretty cool fish like, stingrays, jelly fish, sea horses and a baby shark! It was so fun! When we visited the meat works we saw a stone sign on the concrete wall, the sign said that in 1925 farmers used to bring animals there to kill for meat, so sad. Five years later the meat works were destroyed by fire. Long story short! The water at the beach was so cold! I had the most craziest dream last night, my evil teacher Mrs Collyer was my uncle's neise to! That means that I was her
cousion! And also in my dream world, my uncle totally embarassed me! He went up in front of my whole school and told everyone that I have anger managment problems! OMG!
So that's all I have to say for now!

By Heidi


OK so you know how I mentioned earlier today about how I was going to my friend's birthday party, it was so fun! I just got back from it. First we played a game called
wrap the mummy, it was so awesome! You play by getting into a group of three and one person gets to be the mummy and the other people and the mummy wrappers. The mummy wrappers get a roll of toilet paper and try to wrap the mummy up without ripping the
paper! In my group I was with my my old friend Zoe and her new friend Kate.
The next game was a obstacle course Boy VS Girl, first we ran around the cones,then we jumped in the hoops then we crawled under the mat then jumped over the squares and then did it backwards again . After that game we had a water fight then pass the parcel and a girl called breanna won. Then my friend opend the presents. I got my friend a puzzel that you pull to bits and try to put it back together and I can't remember what the others got. Then we had a pinata and a boy called ben bashed it open and at the end of the day I came back home with a bag full of lollies. LOL!

By Heidi


Sorry, I didn't blog yesterday, it was a school day, quite boring really I didn't do much today. I did maths, spelling, reading, writing and then play time so that was pretty much the only fun thing that happened today. I played poll tag with my two best friends Jordyn and Natalia, you will see me and jordyn in the photo above (jordyn is the girl with the blonde hair) I don't have a picture of natalia. poll tag is a game that we made up by ourselfs, you play by having one tagger and two or more runners and if you are touching a white poll you are on pause (can't be tagged) and if you go to the same poll as someone else you are the tagger. Its really fun! You should try it out yourself! LOL!

By Heidi

OK so you are probably wondering why I haven't been blogging for ages right! Well I haven't been blogging because our WiFi hasn't been working. So I wasn't able to blog.
All I have to say right now is I don't have any thing to blog about today but I do want to say, CAN'T WAIT TILL XMAS!

By Heidi

OMG... I haven't blogged for ages! It seems like I haven't bloged for 10 Years!
Enough about that anyway! I can't believe 2014 is already here! It seems like the first day of 2013 was just yesterday, sheesh! Hope you all hade a wonderful christmas and got lots of awesome prezys, I'm pretty sure I did!
My holidays have been awesome so far, I drove down to Napier (Hawkes Bay) for christmas and stayed there a hole week! That's all I've really got to say today!
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