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let me introduce myself. My name is Giovanna but everyone calls me Giovi for short. I was born on November 19,1992( so that makes me 20 years old). I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia but been living in the DMV( Washington Dc, Maryland, virginia) area since I was 7 years old. I'm the second of 4 children, which I don't really mind being a middle child:) I'm correctly a Nurse student and i work as a CNA( Certified nursing assistant) I'm here to meet new people from all over the world and learn about their culture/daily life:)

So like i wrote before i'm correctly a nurse student. That was been my dream job since way back. I have always like the idea of helping people, making them feel better. But especially little kids, that's why i'm going to become a pediatric nurse. But for that to happen I'm studying all the time, so i don't really have a lot of free /fun time.lol...My time is mostly spend studying or working. I work as a CNA( certified nursing assistant). Mostly likely you don't know what that is so i'll explain a little.I work in a nursing home taking care of older people. I help them with getting up from bed,eating, and grooming. i'm like a companion for them.which is really fun. I go to the movies with them, read them a book and just talk to them :) it's actually a fun job, but not my dream job
I love writing letters. I think is sad that we get more emails than handwritting letters this days. Even though i have a horrible penmanship, I still love picking a pen and writting a letter to new and old friends. So i'm mostly in this website to find people that are into snail mail, just like me :D Hopefully I find friends from all over the world to write letters to and receive them.

my material to writing a letter:D

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