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Welcome to my blog! My name is Haleigh and I am a high school student from California, USA. I have had my fair share of troubles and have always been writing things down to calm me during hard times instead of causing more problems by speaking. so in my life, I've found a few things that help me out and keep me calm if I keep them up.

I thought I would share a select few of my writings. I will be posting about maybe once a month or so depending on my schedule.

Let me know what you think or if you disagree with me on anything.

Have a great day!
Life is a gift.
Written by me in 2011

Have you ever heard the term life? What does it mean? I know the dictionary definition is the span of time that you are alive but what is life to you? Sometimes life is hard to comprehend. It has a lot of twists and turns like on a windy road. Just think what life really means to you.

Ever since I was little, I have struggled with life. Often times I wondered why I am even here. I was treated very poorly growing up by friends in school. I get frustrated very easily and that frustration quickly turns to rage. Recently I have realized that when I let this happen, I am only hurting myself more and more. I am digging a deeper and deeper hole of my own self-pity.

Life isnít something to take advantage of because you only have one. You may think that you have a really bad life but trust me, there are worse cases. You have to appreciate what you have and embrace it. Live life to the fullest because you never know when it is going to end.

I used to believe that life was just a joke that everyone falls for at some point. That is not true at all. Life is not a joke but simply a gift. You may be asking yourself ďhow if life a gift, it hasnít benefited me in any wayĒ. You are absolutely correct. Imagine the lives of the people around you that care about you if you never existed. Your life is not a gift to yourself but a simple gift to your loved ones. They are the ones that benefit from your existence and you benefit from their lives as well.

I have heard many educated people declare that their life did not turn out as planned. I believe that in 99.99% of all people end up this way. The reason is because you canít simply plan your life and expect to stay on that path. When you are little, you tell your mother that you want to be a fireman or a teacher when you grow up. Then you start school, learn new things, and experience the world. Later in life, doors open up that you never imagined would because why?

Doors open up because of your accomplishments. When you make decisions some doors will close and new ones will open. Many people donít understand the concept. You canít plan your life out from the beginning. It will never work out as planned. You have too many decisions to make that will change your path.

I am lucky to have a family that supports my everyday life decisions. We understand that we can only write the story of what happens in our lives. God has already planned or outlined the story, we just have to fill in the details. You get to decide whether your life will be boring, regular, erratic or magnificent. God gave us this choice.

Life consists of many speed bumps that we must face. Everyone has different ones. For instance, I have had many. My parents split when I was really little. I donít even remember them being together. I have grown up transitioning from house to house, parent to parent. Both of my parents got remarried to different people. Now as a freshman in high school, I am still an outcast with very few friends. People have harassed me mentally and sexually. Now I have many speed bumps but most people have just a few. Life is tough.

Life lays out some speed bumps to test you. Sometimes you pass and sometimes you fail. Sometimes you get a second chance but more often than not you donít. I have always told myself that I am invincible and that nobody can hurt me. I realize now that I am not. I read two books by Bette Green; Summer of my German Soldier and Morning is a Long Time Coming. Bette Green wrote based on her life experiences as a young adult during and after WWII. I could relate to her stories and she helped me realize what life really is for me.

Life can be hard to deal with but everyone has a purpose. Donít go bathe in your own self-pity like I did just because you donít know what your purpose is yet. All you have to remember is that everyone has speed bumps, big and little. You can get over them. Ask yourself what life means to you personally. Donít think about the dictionary definition but what you truly feel about life. Life is a gift.
Philosophy of Change

In many cases, people have trouble keeping a grip on reality. My philosophy to keeping the connection is actually quite simple and works well for me personally. The only thing you have to realize before this idea works is what you want in life and why. What is your dream in life? You have to know this before you can adapt to this philosophy of which will help you maintain that positive path to accomplishing your goal.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to keep a grip on life and reality. You have to stay in touch with yourself and not let your mind and heart go astray. The very simple but hard way to do that is to do one thing and one thing only. By changing your environment, you will change your attitude. It doesnít have to be a drastic change but can be as simple as moving furniture around in your room. It will give you a different feel and vibe.

For me at least, it helps me keep control of my life and not let the world take over. A little change never hurts anyone, it can sometimes benefit you. If you are like me, then having control of your mental stability is enough to keep you sane and here.

Life isnít meant to be a stand still. You are supposed to keep moving, to keep moving forward. If your mental wellness is stable, then your forward progress will be stable as well. Every day you learn something new that will help you reach your overall goal or change the way you look at life. If you are able to have multiple perspectives of life, it will allow you to change what you do not like and make better what you love.
Life is hard, but if you adapt to this philosophy of change, then you will be able to go far and long due to your mental capabilities during hard times.
The Effect of Kindness

We, Americans, are some of the luckiest people in the world. We have a country that gives us the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, the right to bear arms and much more. In many countries around the world, citizens have no vote or a say in their own well-being. Some places are in constant warfare but we never feel the hardships of a falling country. We are able to just sit on the couch and eat fried chicken. The thing is however, is that even though we have all these luxuries, it does not mean we donít have the responsibility to be human still.

We cannot just sit on the couch and eat our hearts out. We must stand up and make something of ourselves. Our founding fathers set us free to do our own things. However with this freedom, they did not intend for a selfless and arrogant country. Americans are way too prejudiced and need to step up their game in humanity. Life may be hard but you donít need to make one anotherís life miserable on purpose.

Everyone has their own problems and hardships in life. Men and women around the world donít need more people to cause their lives to be harder to live than it already is. All we need to do to make someoneís life easier to live is simply to be nice to one another. I didnít think it was that hard to be nice to our fellow human kind. We, Americans, think we are the best when we really arenít. Nobody can be the best at being human. Everyone has their own views on life but what I donít get is why most people still think about themselves before others to this day.

I truly believe that humans have actually gotten worse through the decades. I know that we abolished slavery a long time ago, but people still use racial slurs even when they donít realize it. People today make jokes almost every day regarding a race or sexual preference. Everyone is human and should be treated as one. The challenge of the day is simply to makes someoneís day for no reward. You will be amazed at how easy it is to do.

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