Daily life
my rich life
i have the best life in the world. i live in hawaii with my parents and two sisters. we probably have the best life in the world. we have sevral houses around the world like our beach house in florida and in south carolina.Occasionally we're in california. and how could i forget our tennessee farm house. we also have other houses and condo's and suites all over the world. And of course everything in France England and Spain! Greece is my sister's absolute favorite!!!!!

hawaiian house on the beach

my dog thor



our grand rooms

farm house sleepover room

england basement

hawaiian arcade

hawaiian bar

hawaiin sleepover room

look at our party room it made it into a cruise magazine

13 to 17 only hangout

my room i know its awsome

My sister's bedroom! In a real aquarium tank!

my other sister's room. simple and elegant!
my drawlings

look at the italy aparrtment i own

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