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This is greek flag. The blue color is for the sea (you know, Greece has wonderful beaches) and the white color is for the waves, like Greece is both a very beautiful country, but it there had been times that greek had to "fight waves".

This is the map of Greece. Athens is the capital with about 5.000.000 residents. Other big cities are Thessaloniki, Patra, Larissa and Heracleon. Not many greek live in the countryside. Mostly old people live in villages. Each greek village has the church at the centre of the village. There isn't village without a greek orthodox church.

Hello...I am Vicky and I am from wondeful Greece!! We will discover Greece Together!!
Here are some pictures of Greece everyday life!

Greece has a HUUUUGEEEE HUGEEEEE history and I think I will make another blog jus for greek history. In many schools of the world, greek mythology is taught. Greek is also very interesting language and all the other languages in the world (except chinese) are "made" of greek! That's why Greek is a very difficult language!

One more reason that Greece is amazing is because it is both an island and mountain country, that means you can come in the winter and in summer too. Most of the greek tourists are German, Austrian, Russian and Balcanian tourists(but you can come too, Greece is welcome for everyone)!

The greek cuisine is famous! Here is a greek food called mousakas and it is delicious! I think there is no greek that doesn't like this food. It has aubergines, besamel and a lot of other great ingredients! If you come to Greece, you ought to try it!

So...This was my blog!!!!! Hope to like it!!!! Tell me your comments at!!!!!!!!!! Bye! Or if in greece we say, ANTIO!!!


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