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I have a contest for all viewers~
E-mail me about a trip you took to the
USA or even your life in the USA.
The winner of couse gets to be the
Mrs or Mr America for a day. In that day
you will get to search the net for cool, new
American Culture stuff and e-mail it to me.
I will then post it on my web!

Alaska is the first biggest state in America the culture there is very uniqe. Some people generalize too much with U.S. states and think Alaska is just a Cold place that people were ginormouse coats in. They act like it is all plain and it is just ice. Well it's not it has some farely warm climate towns there. They use different languages there and well it's just so cool! If you ever visit or have visited Alaska promise to e-mail me all about it. I personaly never been there but thats one of my dreams to travel the world and the first place I would go would be alaska!

In America there is a number of people here we call blondes or rich girl witch means they have alot of money, and they have a big house, a daddy that buys them anything they want and they are very spoiled. Those girls have the wierdest ways of trying to show off. They dress up there dogs with clothing specialy made for dogs. See, Paris Hilton is some body almost every body knows. She is rich and her dad has his own very, very expensive hotel called the Hilton. She is also known famouse for her chiwawas which are extreemly small puppies that act like there bigger. She has 5 of them and her most famous one is Tinker bell and most people know who tinkerbell is, she is a farie from peter pan and thats what her dog got named after. Paris Hilton has her own store called Tinker Bell and that's where she sells dog clothes.

USA isn't as healthy but some of it is. The USA isn't realy known for a food it is more known for a type of food(fried). Texas for example is known for...
1. Chicken friend steak
2. chicken
3. Buffalo wings
4. fresh goat milk
5. Tex-Mex(a type of food)
Now for a short extra editon generalazation straight from someone who lives in texas(me)-
People usualy think that texas is a dessert were people live on a farm, with cattle. They think we wear speared boots, chaps and a cowgirl hat. They also think we use guns and ride around on horses and have beat down shakes as houses. Well that I can tell you is not true, I have a 2 story brick house in a suberban town. My sister has a red mustange as a car and I mostly eat salads, grapes, and I don't drink goat milK x-b I drink water thank you very much!

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