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Welcome to Finland!!!

Finland is small and intrested coyntry. It's sauna's, Santa claus' and Northern lights place. Do you want learn some of Finland?

Finnish flag

Capital: Helsinki
Offical languages: Finnish, Swedish
Regional languages: Saami
President: Tarja Halonen
Prime Minister: Jyrki Katainen
Recognised: January 4, 1918
Total Area: 338, 424 km2 (64th)
Population: 5, 383, 383 (112th)
Some words in finnish
Hello : Hei
Bye bye! : Hei hei!
I am : Minä olen
How are you? : Kuinka voit?
Fine thanks. : Hyvin kiitos.
And you? : Entä sinä?
Good morning! : Hyvää huomenta!
Nice to see you! : Hauska tavata!
Dad : isä
Mum : äiti
Sister : Sisko
Brother : Veli
Finland : Suomi
Welcome! : Tervetuloa!
Thanks : Kiitos
Sorry : Anteeksi
What? : Mitä?
Finnish sauna
Do you was in Finnish sauna? Sauna is old finnish tradition. It's a substantial part of Finnish culture. There are five million inhabitants and ower two million saunas in Finland -One of every family. For Finnish people the sauna is a place to relax in with friends and family.

This is traditional modern sauna. Classic sauna is toward a lake because a bather can go to swimming between bath. If water is cold you can go to sauna! After sauna Finnish man drink saunabeer outside and kids drink juice or limonade. Winters is fun roll on snow and make snowangel for snow. Do you know what is it? It's this:

This is a smoke sauna. It not have a smokestakc and smoke stay indoors the sauna. Smoke sauna is classic old sauna Few finnish man is really fermented on the smoke sauna.

But in winter over here is very cold (15° - 30°) and you don't be outside long time. It's bad because finnish people love snow and winter. Happily you can go to sauna for warm up if you have very cold. On Cristmas all families in Finland go to cristmas sauna. They wait for Santa-claua and relax.

Taking a sauna begins by washing one self up and then going to sit hotroom, typically warmed to 80-110 degrees Celsius (170-230 degrees Fahrenheit) for some time. Water is thrown on the hot stone topping a stove.

Finnish vihta made of birch. It is used in traditional sauna-bathing for massage and stimulation skin.

Finnish Santa-Claus
Joulupukki is a Finnish Santa-Claus. The name Joulupukki literally means Yule Goat.

Todays Joulupukki
Today Joulupukki looks and behaves mostly like his American version but there are differences. Joulupukki's house and workshop are stituated in the montains of Korvatunturi, whereas the American counterpart reside at the North Pole. Another difference is that instead of sneaking in trough the chimney during the late night hours, Joulupukki knocks on the front door during the Christmas Eve celebrations. When he comes in his first words are traditionally "Onkos täällä kilttejä lapsia?" (Are there (any)well-behaved children here?)

Joulupukki's clothes
He usually wears warm red clothes, uses a walking stick, and travels in a sleigh pulled by number of reindeer. Unlike the American vrsion the reindeer do not fly.

Finnish winter
In winter over here is lots of snow and -15° - -35° cold.

All animals have a winter coat. Usually it's white.

You can make anything of snow. Snowballs, snowman, snowfort or snowlantern.

Many people of Finland love snow and winter =D


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