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Let me tell you some thing interresting about Taounate city
and in the same time show you the different districts of this beautiful City

Taounate as looking after the sun set and when the light come in

The province of Taounate is one the nicest city in the north of Morocco. As it's showing on the map, Taounate is located in the septentrional part of Morocco limited by:
• The provinces of AlHoceima and Chefchaouen in the north.
• The Wilaya de Fès in the South
• The province of Taza in the East
• The province of Sidi Kacem in the West

It extends on a surface from 5585 km2 and its current population counts more than 632000 inhabitants, its habitat is dispersed through more than 1600 villages.The principal centers of the province are:
-Taounate center
-Al karia

The province of Taounate it covers approximately by 40% of mountainous relief. its altitudes vary from 100 m to 1800 m and it crossed by six large rivers constituting the principal affluents of the Ouergha river on which est based the hydraulique dam Alwahda the great one in Africa after "Sed-Alali in Egypt"

Taounate Province bouilding

Nayda means all thing that could make the city growing and prospers like civilisation , culture; development

Here is the old Taounate. Every thing is natural and traditional. When the people of Taounate look back open their life, they always found some great thing to tell to the new generation.

Label of Taounate
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Taounate grows from year to year and become the Great land not only on terms of bouilding but of values and culture as well

Being under the sky of taounate city, you feel as you are in other planet. Wherever you turn you see some river a round you : Asra river ; sahla river and ourgha river. You could say that you are between the river's ile.

Sailing through Ourgha-river without storms

Taounate by plane...and Asra-River

In the winter Taounate becomes the Switzerland of Morocco

"Ourgha" the great River of Taounate

This picture shows that the spring is comming. It's the time before the sunset!

Whatever you looking for during
your vacation,Taounate has what you need !

Go north of Taounate you will find the mysters of the warm weather above the nicest mountains and littles forests crossing by a small rivers

Taounate center

Bouadel is a source of water which spouts out of the mountain. It's the natural and minirale water of Taounateland.

Taounate mountains and natural space

Crossing Taounate's Mountainous sure you will find this sweet fruit …mmm!

The environment of barrage Al-Wahad the geat one in Morocco.

Other profil Of Taounate..

This is one of the recent district
of Taounate city

This is the National Institute of the Aromatic and Medicinals Plants of Taounate...

Aromatic flower of Taounate...

Taounate as you see it built above the mountain...still calm, honest, and proud...
The switzerland of Morocco

Going down from high Taounate toward New Taounate

An other label of Taounate province
Taounate is known by the "Fantazia annual festival" which organised in Tissa every first september. Tissa is the region called the cradle of horses in Taounate.


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