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Seville it's a incredible city! It's very nice. The Giralda is very high cultural tower with 97'5m of altitude built of the arabs. The Giralda is World Heritage.
Hi! I live in Seville and I will summarize my travel to Madrid, the capital of Spain. Thanks.

In the travel to Madrid there were many trees and mountains, here a example, Sierra Morena.
In Madrid, there's a lot of museums, one of them is of old trains. There's a lot of trains and models of they. here a photos:

I'm visit the park. There's a boats to take a ride on the water, bars, a small river etc. In the park had a lot of people.

Madrid is the biggest city of Spain and the 3ª biggest of European Union with 3.213.271 habitants. Madrid, there's a surface of 605, 77 km2. This city was founded in the century IX, the mayor is Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón
of PP. The name in habitants of Madrid is Madrileño/a.

Madrid there's a underground.
In Madrid, there're one football equipe, the Real Madrid. Real Madrid is in the Liga BBVA of Spain, the derbi most important is Real Madrid - Barcelona, it's incredible!!!.


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