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My Country and dream Country

My Country is Sri Lanka and My dream country is United States of America USA.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is East Asia country.It is very beautiful and small country.Sri Lanka is Buddhism country.In past there was discover by England Visitors.In first days they called Sri Lanka to SILEN .In past Kings was live in Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan freedom day is February 4.

United States of America(USA)

It is very beautiful country its two parts North America and South America.Main language is English.There are lot of Religon people in USA.American independent dayis July 4.America is very popular for Music like POP,RND ,ROCK and HIP HOP.

Sri Lanka food

Milk rice and Rice and curry.
Rice colours Red and White
Chiken curry or fish curry
Dhal curry
Vegetables like Jak,potatoes, carrots and more vegetables.
Also saled like onion salad.

This is Sri Lankan Lunch
In night most people get String hoppers or hoppers and bread also.
Breakfast also bun or Bread.

American foods

Fried Rice or Micks Rice for lunch also
Hot dog
Bed roll
Potatoes chips

And many more

This is Sri Lankan singers
Ex:Raini Charuka
Kirthi Paskuwel
Nirosha Wirajini
Umariya Sinhawansha
Shashika Nisasnsala
And more

Famous Places in Sri Lanka

This is American singers
Ex:Michael Jackson
Elton Johan
Lionel Richie
Spice girls
Whiten Housten
Elvis Presley
Janet Jackson
Diana Ross
and more

In second and third pictures are Michael Jackson.
He is King of pop
Proud of World Music

American famous places

I love my country and my dream country very much

Thanks for view my blog
I think you enjoy and get information.

Also view my blog 54199 its about Famous Places in Sri Lanka.Also view About Michael Jackson he is my favorite singer 33183 its in blog hope your view it too.I have penpal account my ref Number is 1506693.Hope you like this blog.

Again Thanks for visitors.

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