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This is Parliament Hill, located in Canada's capitol, Ottawa, Ontario. These buildings were built in 1876. It serves as a home for the Parliament Of Canada (the government).

Parliament Hill gets about 3 million vistors each year! The view in this picture is from the shore of the Ottawa River! Which reminds me of another certain tourist attraction...

Niagra Falls, which is actually in both Canada and USA. One part is in north of Buffalo, New York and the other is south of Toronto, Canada!. It's height is around 167 ft (52 m)

The CN Tower! Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! This tower WAS the tallest free standing tower from 1975 until 2007!

Here's a look at Vancouver, British Columbia.

There are polar bears in Canada's arctic <3 These beautiful creatures can grow to weigh about 400680 kg (8801,500 lb), female polar bears are half that weight.

Here's Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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