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Azerbaijani Republic is a small and young Islamic state in the Southern Caucasus, which bordering with Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Karabakh, Russia and Turkey. It was established in 1991 after breakdown of the Soviet Union and formally poses as a republic.

Though Azerbaijan possesses oil and gas resources, actually Azerbaijanis lead a miserable life, because the country is ruled by one of the bloodiest and most corrupted regimes of the world. Alievs' clan - ruling dynasty of Azerbaijan - enjoys lifelong and hereditary "presidency" and keeps the country involved into long-lasting conflict against its neighbouring Armenian states - Republic of Armenia (Ararat Republic) and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Republic of Artsakh).

Azerbaijanis is a synthetical ethnicity invented by the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the beginning of 30s of XX century, by merging (actually - turkizating) of variegated ethnic groups lived on the territory, including Turks, Kurds, Talyshes, Lezghins, Avars, Persians, etc.

Azerbaijan is world known by series of anti-Armenian pogroms during the last century, war against Karabakh & Armenia in the beginning of 90s, cruel and severely corrupted governance, suppressions of human rights, and violations against ethnic and religious minorities.

Every day Azerbaijan regime commits crimes against its own population and people of neighbouring countries as well, and it is subject to worldwide critisism.

Alievs' clan spends millions of petrodollars every year for the self-advertising, lobbying and counteracting to sharp critisism. A lot of PR-experts, lobbists and scribbler journalists hired by Alievs' clan distribute false and lying information about life in Azerbaijan.

Here are some photos from the international media on how the real Azerbaijan is look like.

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