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Mi Vida en Puerto Rico
A rainy day in late December, Rincón, PR.

On the road again (8)

Watching the sunset with my friends.

Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog AKA Coquito

El Yunque

Fried plantain slices AKA Tostones.

Rice with Pigeon Peas
"Arroz con Gandules"

Still on the road.

Palm trees :)
Dos flores típicas de Puerto Rico
Flor de Maga/Hibisco (Hibiscus)

I love to dance :)

My friends and I are dancing to the song Quimbara by Celia Cruz. It is my very own choreography
Instrumentos de Parranda

*parranda: group of musicians who go out at night playing musical instruments or singing for fun, usually during Christmas time

El cuatro, las maracas, el pandero y el güiro.

Back Yard :)

My happy pet <3

Flores lindas... Trinitarias


Un baile típico.


This delicious dessert was born in Puerto Rico and is a delight both to the eye as the palate. The "Tembleque" is a dessert we eat a lot, especially during Christmas time.

I wonder why I like it so much... Maybe it's because I made it with Dad. :)

I call it my Thinking Tree. ^_^ You could imagine why...
Canela and Maggie

As you can see, I enjoy photography.
This is at El Faro de Rincón

*I took the pictures myself*

El Faro

¡Iguana Verde!

Lighthouse :)

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