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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Jacque Garcia
Spanish 1
Sept. 14 2011

The red stripes symbolize the blood and the white stripes symbolize
victory , liberty , and independence. The blue triangle represents both the three sides of government and the blue waters of the ocean. The white star symbolize the islands/country of Puerto Rico.


The archipelago of Puerto Rico is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. Located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico was key to the Spanish Empire since the early years of exploration.

Geography -

* Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States but if it became a state, Puerto Rico's land area of 3,435 square miles would make it the 49th largest state. (bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island)

* There are about four million Puerto Ricans, which would make the island the 23rd most populous state.

* Puerto Ricans have been citizens of the United States since a law was passed in 1917. Even though they are citizens, Puerto Ricans pay no federal income tax and they can not vote for president.

One of the famous people that were born in Puerto Rico is Daddy Yankee. He was born on February 3, 1976. Villa Kennedy. One of the top reggaetón artists, he started to rhyme and sing when he was 13. Also singer Michael Stuart was born January 5, 1975 in NYC of Puerto Rican parents who emigrated to the city in the '60s. Hes a reggaeton rapper as well. :)

Puerto Rican culture is known to be colorful and represents a blend of different races, culture, religion and language. Puerto Ricans are considered to be very friendly people and they welcome their guest with warm hospitality and have strong family values, which reflects in their culture. They are emotionally attached to their family and friends.

The exotic and beautiful locations, with white sandy beaches, mountains, rain forest and skyscrapers beckon tourists to explore the natural beauty of the country. A large number of tourists are attracted to Puerto Rico due the fact that visitors do not need passport to enter Puerto Rico from America every year.

Soups are served as starters, and it is said world's best-known soup is prepared in Puerto Rico. The lunch and dinner start with hot sizzling appetizers. Puerto Ricans just love chicken, which they cook with various spices and seasonings. Some of the popular chicken dishes, on the island are Arroz con pollo(chicken with rice)

Three King day is the first holiday they have. its celebrated On January 6, children gather grass and place it in a box at the foot of their beds, so that the camels of the Three Kings will have something to eat when they come to visit. Story says the Three Kings are in reference to the kings that went to visit Jesus when he was born and gave him gifts well the same things appplies here they leave gifts besides your bed.


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