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Armenia Flag
Red color symbolizes the blood shed by the Armenian people in their struggle for independence; the blue symbolyzes the clear sky of Armenia; the color orange symbolizes the creative drive of the nation.

The central shield of the emblem bears the charges of four royal Armenia dynasties: the Artaxids, the Arshakids, the Bagratunis and the Rubinyans (Cilician kingdom). They surround the image of Biblical mount Ararat with the outline of Noah's Ark resting on its peak. A lion and an eagle support the shield, sybolizing the spirit, power, rorbearance and valor. The sword at the bottom represents the struggle of the Armenian people for Freedom and Independence, while the quill and cereal spikes symbolize its creativity

Armenians - a nation, that 7500 years ago has had the world first observatory (Heruni, P. 1998);
4800 years ago - a Parliament and a plebiscite system (Movsisyan, A. 1992).
A nation, that 1700 years ago was the first in the world to accept
the Christian doctrine and adopt Christianity as a national religion.
A nation which never in thousands years of its history had slavery.
Armenia - the country of singing stones and dancing rivers....
The land which remembers all...

The Armenian alphabet was devised at the beginning of the 5th century AD by Saint Mesrop Mashtots (Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց) in order to translate the Bible into Armenian. It originally consisted of 36 letters but it now has 38 plus one extra letter (the letter և) which is really a combination of two letters and is generally used as an abreviation for the Armenian word եւ meaning and.

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