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Karabakh - My Dearest Part of Armenia

B A R E V !
H E L L O !

Here are some photos for you from my homeland -


- the best place to be.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Republic of Artsakh) is the smallest of two modern Armenian states situated in the Armenian Highland. Together with the Republic of Armenia (Ararat Republic), it constitutes a small fragment of ancient Armenian civilization survived after four centuries of disastrous invasions of ferocious Turkish nomads.

Karabakh (Artsakh) is a land where one can see the stark beauty of ancient Armenian fortresses, churches and khach-kars (cross-stones)...

Armenian carpets
Residence of the Parliament of the NKR
Khachkar (cross-stone) in Gandzasar (X AD)

...luxuriance of Armenian carpets and other crafts,..

Ruins of ancient Tigranakert (I BC)
"We And Our Mountains" Monument in Stepanakert

...classiness of ancient and modern Armenian architecture,..

Stepanakert Town Airport
An abandoned chapel in Shoushi

...happy-go-lucky people known for their dramatic sense of humour,..

Mass Wedding in the Cathedral of the Redeemer in Shoushi
A football match of FC 'Lernayin Artsakh' in Stepanakert

...and impressive pure nature as well.

Mediaeval bridge in Martakert Region
Dadivank Monastery in Shahumyan Region (IX-XIII AD)

Harmony of nature able to touch soul of any stranger.

Amaras Monastery in Martouni Region (IV AD)
Giant Platanus in Martouni Region
(over 2 thousands years old; 54m height, 31.5m width)

Light-Show Fountain in Stepanakert

Peace rests everywhere, no hurries and no strains.

Residence of the President of the NKR
Inside of an Armenian Church

Land where my heart enjoys itself.

Staircase Cascade in Stepanakert
Concert in the Renaissance Square in Stepanakert (XXI AD)))

I like Artsakh!


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