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Amazing Mukdahan

Amazing Mukdahan

Past history of Mukdahan.
The second Mrs. Castle static. In Mukdahan present. Castle in the middle. Mukdahan on a glass tray with under tray pedestal supports. Pages pedestal with monogram initials of the province. Castle in the front on both sides. John Taluem the bevel of the Northeast, as a sacrifice. Behind the Phanom. A separate province, and used to be in the same realm complete line descent. Along the river in the background. After rising in the east at sunset among the clouds in 2525 as the year the province.

Motto Mukdahan.
"Art glass sky high. Gradually shift light mountain rapids.
Eight indigenous tribes. Widely tamarind.
Ancient drums trios. Lam Phaya habitats.
Ensembles Chai Khong. Link Indochina ".

I light a long stretch of rapids rocks along the Mekong River. On the side was a large stone courtyard. The rest as well. In the dry season the water until you see the islands of the sea. Sand and beautiful than the other. Krabao rapids along the restaurant is located. The name of the food here is delicious Roast Suckling Pig, which is typical of the local recipes.
Trip to the Mukdahan - Phanom. (Highway 212), about 20 kilometers turn right to Amphoe Wan Yai another 9 miles to the junction barrier shifts to light. Away from the District to the north, another 8 kilometers.

Gradually overshadowed.
Rocky Mountain National Park formerly Gradually Mukdahan No. 59 of Thailand as a National Park with an area of ​​48.5 square kilometers or 30,312.5 acres covering Muang Mukdahan And Don Tan District . Mukdahan . About 17 kilometers away from the city by the Mukdahan - Don Tan (Highway 2034) to separate the right hand for about two kilometers to the park or take a bus from Bangkok to Mukdahan And the minibus (yellow), the fare is about $ 5 , get off at the Diamond . Then the minibus line Mukdahan - Don Tan fare about 10 baht to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park Gradually . Or tell the driver to go to the park also . Topography is mountainous sandstone. Mountains contain many consecutive balls . The waves and the edge of the Phu Phan mountains. Range lies in the North - south parallel to and away from the Mekong River about 4 miles within the park include Phu Mak Yang Phu Concepts , Phu airy mountain nest Phu Chom Nang Mak, Jimmy Cliff Gradually Phu Nang Hong , Phu Tham Phra Phu main line and Jomtien is the Phu Si peak height of about 170-420 meters above sea level forest mainly dipterocarp forests . And mixed . And also the source of many streams such as Huai Huai Sing bulge play Huai Huai Bin Brook ships elephants etc. The mountain slopes are the bamboo forest as the alternate . Many areas are rocky cliffs and wide. There are many strange rock formations .

Restaurant in Mukdahan
Meeting new Mekong each sit country is situated along the river are far from me and and favorite songs to life by authentic , especially the songs of Carabao open to hear the echoes throughout the store with you . Otto is best friends with the owner, I Carabao overly so well ... I have to be about food . All fresh ingredients , especially fish from the Mekong River. Cook multiple dishes dominate the menu, such as nest Macha , fish sauce, curry fish rivers Joe 's heels . Kang and steamed lemon fish . Emphasis on spicy spicy looks . Be ordered as a side dish or snack , it's perfect .

          Location and Contact: 91 Samran Chai Khong Road South. Sriboonruang district . Muang Mukdahan phone 042-632-543 , 08-9711-6063 .

          Celebrity Corner : Fun Shopping wealth distribution in Indochina well. I sip a cool drink or a cup of coffee to relieve fatigue . This small café recommended to fully stylized colorful . And a certificate in and out of the store. For both hot and cold drinks are available as well as coffee, celebrities like the Mekong . Espresso so sweet . Americano, lemon, banana , coffee , soda Frederick Deppe Straw Berry Mix. Cake and ice cream flavors and a wide variety of original freshness after shopping as well.

          Location: near the River Front . And Indochina Market is open 8:00 to 18:00 am

          Saigon Kitchen : Do not be surprised that you, as the name is the same as Vietnamese Restaurants in Bangkok It is a branch of the Saigon Kitchen I run the same . The more simple . Emphasis on cleanliness. But it serves Vietnamese Spring Roll Fresh shrimp with sour due to rice fried squid wrapped cane . Bu๋n IX B or noodles . Butter roasted pork belly and clams . But do not forget the fried pastry stuffed crispy dough crisp and new scented oil with no spontaneous eating pork with vegetables and sauce . And sour pork or to buy a gift back to it.

 Location and Contact : 68/ 1, para Santirat . Muang Mukdahan Open 8:30 to 20:30 pm Phone 042-632-303 , 08-1320-1318 .

    Eden : a coastal river , the restaurant is open for more than 20 years, the atmosphere may not be catching much. But the taste is second to none . Especially the spicy and sour soup or roasted spices at Chu Chi , we will use it. Prepared for the intense flavors of the East 's mettle . It has all the flavors to taste with the townsfolk . Dish the name of the store was a sour fish curry, roasted mushroom Kang Koi fish periwinkle Joe 's steamed soy . Chu Chi Pla soft and also offers seminar tour with catering .

          Location and Contact: 47 Samran Chai Khong Road South. Muang Mukdahan Open 9:00 to 22:00 pm Phone 042-611-882 , 08-1117-9629 .

Shrine her two brothers.
Shrine her two brothers. Samran Chai Khong Road is located on the Mekong River to the port of entry immigration. Mukdahan. This court is a court of original timber not know the history. Later there was the concrete restoration. Shrine of the province is considered her second brother. A sacred place with a shrine cities in 15 days in the sixth lunar month of every year, the province will provide a sacrifice godfather Prince roofed city. Goddess and her two sisters simultaneously.

Picture Mukdahan
Thank you.

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