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my name is michelle becerra, i am 15 year old,i,enter this site because I want to learn English

she is maria fernanda, she is my sister, she is 17 years old,she is tall, thin, very white, her eyes is brown color and very nice, her hair is blond color; she is very pretty, cute, and she is model, she loved play bascket ball. her favoryte band is blink 182 and she love a cats.

my brother is jose, he is 24 years old, He completed his university and career, Now Working On A Big Business, he is not married, he is tall, thin a little dark, he hair is short at black color, his eyes are large and brown color and he have abundant and long eyelashes, he is very intelligent, handsome and stroong

my mommy is beatriz, she is 44 years old she is very pretty, she is an accountant in a large company,she is tall, white, thin and with many freckles,she have frizz and brown color her hair, she likes sleep and her favorite animal is cat, she is married with her husband antonio; she is cute, intelligent, protectress,and friendly.

my dad is luis fernando, he is 42 years old, he is from mexico but he lives in unites states whit his wife laura,he is medium high, browm, he have short and bleck color his hair,her nose is a little big and flat. he like rock and roll, metal and classic music, he is cute, handsome and stroong.

my grandmother is pilar, she is 76 years old, she is very white, short and thin. she have very large and straight hair,her eyes is pretty and honey color. she know she knows very well make eating and bake desserts, she loves birds , has different epecies and cares much. she is very cutte and friendly.
he is my grandfather guadalupe, he is 81 years old, he is very tall he is very dark and a little chubby, he is mexican. he like old music but his favorite is the banda, he is very intelligen and friendly, he can give very good advice.

she is my grandmother catalina, she is 82 years old, she is short, thin but she is brunette her nose is large and flat and have many moles, shevery pretty, she is very strong, i love her because is so cute and protect it us.

he is my grandfather pueblito, he is 86 years old, he is short, chubby and dark, he is so strong both mentally and physically, he has a very nice big mustache and bushy eyebrows veryi love him

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my name is michelle becerra, i am 15 year old,i,enter this site because I want to learn English (Countries of the World)    -    Author : alondra michelle becerra sanchez - Mexico

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