Countries of the World

My country looks like a tiger.

Where is KOREA?


Don't ignore my country because it is small!

We aren't small!

We have the best mental power!

My country, KOREA IS THE BEST!
Where I from?


It is a comic book named "Gung".

Its story is about beautiful palaces that are typical places of Korea.

It is made into a drama "Gung"

The drama "Gung" became very popular.

I also enjoyed it.

If you visit Korea, you must not miss Korea's palaces!

So beautiful background image!

The text is in Korean.

I will translate it for you.

"If you are next me... I will be happy wherever. - Alphonse Daudet -

I want you to be happy and healthy constantly!"

So beautiful, isn't it?

In my elementary school.

We had a school's annu-al arts day.

We gathered together and took a picture.

I miss them~!!!

When I was young.

With my best friend's cousin.

The person who is laying against the rock is me.

The water was so cool!

I want to go there again!

I like puppies so much!

Many people say that I am crazy about a dog.

This picture is not my puppy... ̤

But it's so cute!!!

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