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Here is a website to introduce the chinese culture to u.And These days I am learing French .I think the pronouciation of it is so hard for me !!!And I know More and more peole are learning chinese(mandarin)now.Maybe for me,chinese is easier than French ,So I got an idea.Hey why not to learn chinese with me.LOL~~I amn`t expert ,but I am from china.
P.S.If u r from French,maybe u can teach me French too.But ....UHmm.....It`s so

Chinese Character is all looks like a pic.If u have learned it ,you should know it is very ancient.Chinese PinYin is a very important tool to learn chinese .It helps you to know how to pronouce the words.Every characters have got it`s own meaning.And many characters got several pronouciations. Now Let`s show u an pic to let u know the wonderful chinese character!!!!

I recieve a mail from burnett1224.He said he wanna me to teach him chinese.But dear Burnett,When I wanna reply u ,my mail system told me ur mail address is not correct.
So I am trying to send u msg here. I hope u can receive.
This is a very good online chinese learning class,Just click hereU may have a try .And If u have any questions ,Plz sending me email,but plz plus ur email address.:)
I haven`t come here for so long time .Now I am back ,and here is Lesson 2

You can send me ur own country name in my forum here , I will tell u in chinese character back.

Hey ,u can send me what ur favouritein my forum , And I will give u a feedback

That`s all The first lesson .See U next time!!

welcome to This beautiful Place !!!!!It`s my native city,shanghai.I am Kaya!I will tell u how to be cool in shanghai,china!Now here we Go!!

First,U arrive in Shanghai.U will see a beautiful airport.We name it Pudong Airport.Yeah!This building looks like a glede.It`s looks great at night ,isn`t it?

Second ,we arrived at Yu Garden.They`r chinese villa.It used belong to a merchant prince. now it just a key point of interest.*_*
Third,u can see a river which named Huangpu River.And U can also see some western buildings on the riverside.It`s the Bund.Itwas built by western colonist

The Bund is also fashionable .U can find many fashionable places,shops here.This is the admiral shop of Giorgio Amani in 3 on the Bund.

And if u see the other side of the river.U can see many high rises.The most highest builing is JInmao buiding .It`s the third highest builing in Asia.

This is the inside of Jinmao building.

This stop just for some shoppers. If u wanna buy some fashionable things u can go to a wonderful place,Xujiahui.>_<

Now,we arrived at the last places XinTianDi.There r many houses here.The style is shanghai.Coz`u can fing many details r from west.And U can also find some from east.They were flats long ago.But now they`r new sight of shanghai.

Ok now we will see some wonderful food!T_T

This is crab.I like it*_*
Now I will show something to u.They r mask.Chinese Mask.For a traditional Beijing opera,Jingju! To enjoy some Beijing Opera

The character means Dragon.It`s the symbol of China.

Traditional Chinese Writting,ShuFa

Traditional Chinese painting. To see more matters about Chinese painting

Chinese cloth(just for female)QiPao.
click here To see the chinese Festival ,mid-autumn festival and so on!!!

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