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happy korea
---------------Korean culture-----------------

Korean clothes(Han bok)

this is Korean clothes

Korean Food~~!

This is kim chi.

This is Gal bi

This is Bibimbab (Mix rice)

A guy went to a party without his wife. He heard another guy say to his wife, "Pass the sugar, Honey." and "Pass the honey, Sugar." He thought this sort of speech is a good idea. The next morning when he and his wife are eating breakfast, he said to his wife, "Pass the bacon, Pig."


Daughter : Dad, can you write in the dark?
Dad : I think so. What is it you want me to write?
Daughter : Your name on this report card.


A man telephoned an airline office in New York and asked, "How long does it take to fly to Boston?"
The clerk said, "Just a minute."
"Thank you," the man said and hung up.
Billy : My father is a famous scientist.
Tommy : My father is the president of a major trading company.
Bob : My father is a distinguished professor.
Johnny : Oh yeah? Well.. my dad can make everyone in the White House tremble.
He works in the boiler room


A lady went to the butcher shop asked to his selection of chickens.

The butcher only had one chicken left but he did not disclose this to the lady.

He kept the chickens in the bin below the showcase and so he reached down

and pulled out his last chicken.

The lady if he had one a little larger."Yes," he replied.

He lowered the chicken down to the empty bin, shook it against the side and

brought it back out.

"Well, I'll take both of them."said the lady.


A health inspector walked into a seedy-looking restaurant and asked for the owner:

"I notice a sign outside that you're serving rabbit stew today. Is it all rabbit?"

"Well, actually it isn't," the proprietor had to admit.

"There's a little horse meat in it, too."

"How much horse meat?" quizzed the inspector.

"It's fifty-fifty mixture," the man replied.

"This is, one horse and one rabbit."

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