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John Smith Colonist

September 1608:

Hello and welcome to my tribe I have been staying with. They are the Virgina East Indian Tribe and they were so kind to lend me a home when I was stranded. I just happened to find these wonderful people and they were very nice to help me out. Well, I almost forgot to mention my name! My name is Captian John Smith and welcome aboard to my exploring adventures. I am trying to find the first English settlement so my people can move and have a life too. The Indians do own some of the land but my folks and fellow explorers need to live in a nice and welcoming place also. I will keep you posted with this thing but it might take me a little bit to get used to it! Take care and be safe my followers.
November 1608:

I already told you what my job is but I just want to make sure it is clear. I have to try to establish the first premenant English settlement in North America. I do not have that much money but I do barter with people along the way. I have some horrific clothes on. They are really old but I am an adventurer and we have to try to find the land that we need. We as explorers don't care what clothes we wear. I have many friends including Moźes Székely and the prince of Transylvania. They might be joining us later on in this expedition. This will be a very fun journey as I will write back in here soon. Gods Peace.
December 1608:

Well I think I am going to go on a nice adventure in the woods. My journey shall lead me to a place in East England, where I can help my parents in the war. This war shall not get out of hand. We will fight until the end and become strong in the heart. Never give up. That is one of my father's favorite sayings. I am going to try hard and reach my destination as soon as possible. I will tell everyone that I come in peace and do not want any harm. Well, I am on my journey now! I will write back in here tomorrow. Farwell friend and let heaven help you the way.

January 1609:

I just ran into Pocahontas when I was walking on my trail. Her tribe was very interesting. I talked with Chief Powhatan and the tribe Virginia Colony. They were very helpful in my journey in trying to find my way to the English settlement in the upper North America. See the key in traveling is having helpful people around you and having the Indian people show you the way to go. My next edition will be to try to find the Cheasapeake Bay. I will have to use all of my trails and my friends around me to get to where I have to go. This will be an adventure of a lifetime. My skills are going to be used to the best of my ability. Farewell Friend.
March 1609:

I just completed my expedition to find the Cheasepeke Bay. My journey was unsuccessful and I was mistaken on the route I took. I thought that the map was right but it was not. Also, the tribes around me had no idea what I was looking for. But this journey will have to be postponed. I am going to stay a few nights in the Pennsylvania Settlement with a few of my fellow Indian friends. They might be able to exchange some goods to me if I am naive person. Well I have been really looking for a nice compass. That will be an excellent addition to my gear. We will see what they all have. And from here I will write in later. Be safe.
June 1609:

I have great news! Today I traded some of the items I don't need anymore and got a much needed compass. This will help us with the journey. We have just left the settlement with the Indians and are going out to look for the Bay. We have heard rumors that other explorers have seen it but have not discovered it yet. That is what I am for. We need to gather some supplies before we head to far. We need food for about 4 months just in case something crazy happens. See the key here is to read the compass and follow the arrows. I really havent used one this close before because I never could really get my hands on one. But now I do and don't have to worry about getting lost if it works good. Well I just gathered some supplies and I am going to put this away so I can get a good hike in. Out.

August 1609:

Wow! I just made an amazing discovery of the Cheasapeake Bay. I have been on my feet for days and just am so delighted that I finally found this Bay. I had many followers on the trip but I made the discovery. It was a fun but a hard and slow journey too. I almost ran out of food and that would have been a disaster. But thank the Lord that did not happen. Wow was it a long journey but I had to do it for my family and my friends. But now I can return to my family and tell that I discover some history of the new English Settlement and the new Cheasapeake Bay! I will write back in here when I am home safely.
September 1609:

I have just arrived home safely and have just meet with my family. They were worried sick about me! We were all so excited that I did what I needed to do. My goal was to find the first English settlement in the Pennsylvania district and that was completed. Also, I had to find the Chesapeake Bay. I reached my goal for both of them! I have had a successful journey so far and the good part was that I did not get hurt. My mother always told me to stay out of trouble and trouble will stay out of you. I still have a little time to write in here yet but I am going to get some food for the week. I'm going to go hunting! My favorite! God's Peace with you through out the day.

November 1609:

Hello Again my followers! I have tried my hardest to help America in the past few months. America was really just a big place until I founded some regions and the Chesapeake Bay. I have always prayed to god with my fears along the way. He has helped me fight my fears and get through the tough times. I almost ran out of food on my long journey but God was with me and I found a recent dead animal on the trail and cooked it over my fire. America will be a very nice place to live if we can get more explorers like me to help this lovely place. I have to go now. Ill write back in this later. Gods Peace.
December 1609:

I believe that I positively impacted America because before I discovered the Chesapeake Bay, it was completely empty. I founded the first English Settlement in America. That's huge! Now family's from other places can move and start a really nice life. You can grow crops and farm and there are a lot of jobs. The meat from the animals are amazing! Just make sure you cook it a while! But America will eventually grow huge and people can look back at me and say, "Wow! That was the guy that founded the first English Settlement." I mean that will be awesome when I am dead in 25 years, America will be very different. I have to help out the family today. We are going to take a walk to the one and only Chesapeake Bay!

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